Countless celebrities from all around the globe chosen the Maldives as their getaway home in April 2021. However, Bollywood stars have faced criticism for visiting the Maldives while India is going through a COVID-19 crisis.

In April 2021, celebrities that visited the Maldives includes some of the most influential Bollywood megastars, our new favourite Turkish celebrity couple, and Italian influencers. Meanwhile, a coach on The Voice (who is also a hit-singer), John Legend has also visited the Maldives with his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

You can take inspiration from these stars when you choose your next vacation spot. Perhaps you might bump into one of your favourite celebs. Nonetheless, we’ve picked 17 of our favourite celebrities that visited the Maldives in April 2021.

01. Victoria Bonya

02. Nicole Mazzocato

03. Rama Lila

04. Iconize

05. Hande Erçel

06. Kerem Bürsin

07. Gamze Erçel

08. Caner Yıldırım

09. Disha Patani

10. Arti Singh

11. Tina Datta

12. Janhvi Kapoor

13. Shraddha Kapoor

14. Minissha Lamba

15. Srishty Rode

16. John Legend

17. Chrissy Teigen

Did the list include any of your favourite celebrities? Some Bollywood stars who visited the Maldives in April 2021 choose not to post their photos on social media after facing backlash. Some notable Bollywood stars that visited the Maldives in April 2021 includes; Sara Ali Khan, Tiger Shroff, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. Photos have however surfaced on the web of these stars jetting off to the Maldives and returning to India.

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Remember, the Maldives isn’t only open to celebrities. Anyone with a passport and a negative PCR test can visit the island archipelago. Moreover, luxury resorts aren’t the only way to enjoy some sun, sand and sea. You can choose to holiday in a cosy boutique guesthouse on a local island or take an adventurous Safari trip even.

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