Popular Indian actress Minissha Lamba was spotted holidaying in the Maldives. The actress played memorable roles in Bollywood movies and is well known for her portrayal of Mahi Pasricha in Bachna Ae Haseeno and Adaa in Yahaan.

The actress and professional poker player is spending her getaway at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa –a 33-hectares crescent-shaped island in the Maldives with naturally socially distancing villas.

Minissha Lamba has been giving her followers on Instagram a glimpse of her getaway destination and her tropical life through posts and stories. She posted shots lounging around the island and showcased the beautiful views inside and outside of her water and beach villas.

In a series of Instagram stories, Minissha said that she could really get used to living on a tropical island like this– presumably for a year to teach and take people snorkelling. She exclaimed how she cannot get over how beautiful ocean is in the Maldives.

In another post, the actress is seen exploring the beautiful turquoise depths of the ocean on a marine adventure to see the rich marine life in the double house-reef around Hideaway. Admittedly, she looks pretty cool in her snorkelling outfit while exploring some of the best sights Maldives has to offer underwater.

Fans poured in the love that they have for her, commenting and liking every tropical hideaway post on Minissha’s Instagram. In one clip, she gave fans a mini-tour of her villa as well. If this were a competition between villa types, it seems that huge beach villas at Hideaway have truly won her admiration, due to the natural beauty of the space provided with the pool in the backyard. To quote Minissha herself, she is truly ‘a tropical island baby’.

While having an all-encompassing active and serene retreat (which can be seen from her Instagram stories and posts HERE), Minissha Lamba is truly in her element in the tropical Maldives with her ‘million-dollar’ smile in tow.

Feature images by Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa