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Destinations Across Europe Restarts the Hospitality Sector for Summer

Europes Santorini Greece at the golden hour of the day. Restarting the hospitality sector post covid-19 pandemic.
Restoring faith in travel and tourism after a long halt, a number of destinations in Europe are resuming the operations with a new normal.

Restoring faith in travel and tourism after a long halt, a number of destinations in Europe are resuming the operations in several hotels and restaurants. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced almost the entire world to shut down for months, taking a significant toll on the economies across the world.

In terms of arrivals, Europe accounts for a large part of the global tourism market which has been greatly affected due to the travel restrictions. Cities that were normally crowded has been deserted for months while the countries fought hard to contain the virus. During the early weeks of May, the European Union unveiled an action plan to resume travel and tourism safely, preparing to reopen its international borders. In spite of recommendations in place to all member nations, European Union restricts non-essential visitors from outside. However, as the situation changes for the better with time, restrictions for outsiders may change.

We all need a break, especially after this confinement. We want to enjoy summer holidays, we would like to see our families and friends even if they live in another region, in another country. But we want to be able to do so while staying healthy and safe because we know the virus will stay with us for some time.”

Thierry Breton, Internal Market Commissioner at the European Union

Italy, being one of the most impacted by the pandemic, contained the virus with time and has partially resumed operations of hotels and restaurants in some regions. In addition to Italy, Spain also partially restarted hotels and restaurants across some regions.

While countries including Portugal, Germany, Greece, and Austria has opened restaurants, preparations are in place to resume the operations of hotels by the end of may and the beginning of June. France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Netherlands, and Romania have also opened the doors of hotels across the countries. However, restaurants are yet to open within the month of June. On 25th May 2020, Czech Republic and Luxembourg resumed operations of hotels and restaurants as well.

With the resumption of hospitality sector across Europe, several health and safety measures are in place to ensure that the people are safe and adhering to the advice of the governments and health authorities. This brings faith to all affected by this unprecedented global crisis and slowly build the economies that has been greatly affected.

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The Nautilus Maldives Announces Ananda Wellness Residency

The Nautilus will host two senior practitioners from the world’s most renowned holistic wellness retreat. From 16th to 26th August 2023, Ananda in the Himalayas will be at The Nautilus. Combining Ananda’s specialist Ayurvedic knowledge with The Nautilus’s timeless hospitality offering, this residency will provide the ultimate restorative wellness experience.

Exploring the Restorative Wellness Experiences

The Nautilus tailors holidays to individual needs, providing a completely bespoke experience renowned for its customization. Additionally, the resort also provides unscripted and timeless offerings to its travellers. With this, the Ananda treatments will be available to guests at any time of day. The treatment will be provided in the overwater Solasta Spa’s glass-floored private treatment pavilions. Interested guests can also explore the treatments in the comfort of guest houses and residences.

The two practitioners, Mr Sandeep Dhamada and Ms Krishna Karki, are some of Ananda’s most accomplished and expert holistic therapists. As a follow-up to these speciality treatments, The Nautilus guests will also benefit from an online consultation with an Ayurvedic physician. This will further enhance the holistic benefits of the treatments in addition to the overall experience. Ananda’s gourmet Ayurvedic cuisine is available to consume anywhere on the island, incorporating anti-inflammatory properties, with fundamental food tastes carefully combined with macronutrients.

Ananda in the Himalayas is one of the world’s leading luxury wellness retreats, aligning with the rejuvenating spirit of The Nautilus. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, the birthplace of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation, Ananda integrates these ancient practices with therapy. The partnership first launched in 2022 and this year’s iteration enhances the already extensive wellness offering with a series of curated experiences for guests looking to rebalance their body, soul and mind.

Specialty Treatments Offered by Ananda at The Nautilus:

  • Ananda Touch with Reflexology (90 Mins)- A rhythmic flowing massage with rose-scented oils. The treatment releases tension and stress combined with the stimulation of reflex points. This practice aims to restore energy flow throughout the entire body and foster balance within the body and mind.
  • Indian Head Massage with Reflexology (90 Mins)– This ancient experience relaxes, tones, and eases muscle tension. It also aids in eliminating toxins by stimulating circulation. Following this, a massage is administered to the feet, applying pressure on the soles to restore healthy energy flow throughout the body.
  • Indian Head Massage with Shiatsu (90 Mins)– A traditional massage which provides deep relaxation. Following this, Shiatsu is applied. This is a full body pressure point experience that enhances circulation and boosts the immune system.
  • Himalayan Honey and Rose Facial with Foot Massage (90 mins)– This stimulating and refreshing facial uses a blend of sandalwood and rose essential oils. We massage pure organic honey harvested from the Himalayas into the skin and apply a mask of cooling cucumber. As the mask hydrates your skin, indulge in a soothing foot massage that stimulates reflex points.
  • Ananda Moksha (90 Mins)– A full body massage which uses traditional Ayurvedic therapeutic techniques. The holistic therapy draws inspiration from the concept of Moksha, signifying a liberation of the senses and a release for the free flow of Prana or energy.

About The Nautilus Maldives

The private island of The Nautilus boasts just 26 beach and oceanside houses and residences. Guests can also explore an extensive range of facilities and spa amenities. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of Hanifaru Bay, one of the largest manta-feeding hotspots in the world, offering white sandy beaches, pristine waters, and coral reefs. This extraordinary, tranquil location combined with an unmatched ultra-luxury five-star experience make The Nautilus the perfect private island resort to relax, reset and recharge.

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