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JOALI Maldives Presents ‘Together We Blossom’ 2024 Easter Offerings!

JOALI Maldives invites guests to experience Easter with curated activities and speciality celebrations.

Easter at JOALI Maldives is set to kick-start from 28th March to 7th April 2024. With the theme of ‘Together WE Bloom’, the resort’s theme symbolises the coming together of people in celebration. This Easter theme also represents the blossoming of flowers in spring! During this Easter, JOALI Maldives will be joined by a variety of world-renowned practitioners, chefs and artists. In addition to leading an array of workshops, they will also host dinners, and interactive experiences for guests.

Artists & Easter Experiences at JOALI Maldives 2024:

  • Robert Montgomery: Join Montgomery, a British contemporary artist in a special ‘fire poem’ ritual.
  • Greta Bellamacina: Famed British poet, actress, and filmmaker. She is best known for her screen debut in 2005 as a Slytherin student in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. At JOALI Maldives, she will be releasing her new book, ‘Who Make the Fire’. Additionally, she will host a special signing ceremony as well, on 1st April 2024.
  • Zubaid Toefy: Fitness expert and CrossFit aficionado. Guests can join in to experience the art of movement with Toefy for various fitness class offerings.
  • Marie Méon: Méon’s a multidisciplinary studio Manager. She creates narratives composed of edible elements to be viewed and tasted, adding a new dimension of culinary delights to JOALI Maldives this Easter.
  • Karim Khouani: This Michelin-starred chef will create an unforgettable holiday dinner with a five-course menu. The dinner will feature premium seafood, paired with fine wines for an evening of exceptional culinary elegance.
  • Joao Santos: This renowned massage therapist will introduce guests to the basics of foot reflexology. Santos will use hands-on techniques to discover pressure points that correspond to specific parts of the body.
  • Hamna ‘Hamty’ Husain & Martina Trepczyk: JOALI Maldives will host a screening of TIGEREYES on March 30th. The film features Hamna ‘Hamty’ Husain, the first and only female scuba diver on a remote Maldivian island.

Curated Activities at the Resort

In addition to these special events during Easter, guests can also experience a curated calendar of activities this season. Partake in ceramic and protect sessions at JOALI’s own art studio to enrich family time. JOALI Maldies will be hosting a family binny run, cooking classes, nature walks, Maldives history and language lessons and more. Additionally, the resort also offers a variety of land & sea adventures along with amazing wellness activities. Last but not least, guests can also explore amazing culinary offerings this Easter.

In addition to a celebratory breakfast and dinner buffet, Good Friday breakfast and speciality dinners are also featured throughout the week. Guests can explore culinary experiences such as the Levant Degustation menu, Taste of Saoke, Old World Wine Dinner and more! Guests can book with JOALI Maldives now, for an amazing Easter ahead.

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The first-ever Sea-to-Air Cargo Transshipment Commenced in the Maldives!

Velana Airport has announced the first-ever sea-to-air cargo transshipment along with Turkish Airlines, Maldives Ports Limited and Maldives Customs Service. This major step in cargo transhipment in the Maldives was celebrated on the 17th of May at the airport.

The  MoU for the ‘Sea to Air’ cargo transshipment services were signed earlier this year, on March 30th. With this, Turkish Airlines became the cargo partner to facilitate the service along with the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).

With the transshipment service, MPL can easily transport goods through both seas as well as air travel. In addition to catering to the needs of businesses and industries in the region, this will also help expedite the carrying of goods from one place to another. According to the Turkish Airlines’ Regional Cargo Manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives Bilal Okur, this will help the airline’s target to develop the Maldives into a sea-to-air transshipment hub.

This innovative logistics solution is expected to significantly boost the efficiency of cargo movement. Additionally, this may also see the enhancement of trade opportunities for the Maldives.

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