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Not Sure What to Do in the Maldives? We've Got You Covered

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
Why visit the Maldives? Some say it's boring, nothing to do except sunbathe. That couldn’t be further away from the truth.

The very first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Maldives is the pearly white sand and bright azure waters glistening in the sun. A tropical getaway from the exhausting daily grind. Save for some rain, the country stays sunny and holds a moderate temperature for the majority of the year. There is no question why it has been dubbed the sunny side of life.

Why visit the Maldives? Some say it is overhyped and surely, it must be boring to sunbathe all day. That could not be further away from the truth. You will be happy to know there is a lot to do if you want the complete experience. There is an abundance of lush greenery, marine life, and rich history.

Sun, Sand & Sea of Maldives. Aerial View of Fourseasons Resort

With a vast selection of guesthouses and resorts available for your choosing, there is something for everyone. Some are exclusively for adults, while others are kid-friendly spots ideal for family and group vacations. As for recreation, there is always too much to do and too little time. You can surf some of the best breaks in the world, or go island hopping. Maybe indulge in a lavish massage while the wind and the waves serenade you.

If you are into history and architecture, it is an absolute must to check out the intricate stone carvings that decorate dated buildings such as the Friday Mosque. Discover Maldivian culture through the work of master craftsmen and women through the ages. ‘Liyelaa jehun’ (lacquer work), and ‘kasabu viyun’ (embroidery) are intricate practices that require great talent and skill.

Maldives is known as the ideal honeymoon destination for good reason. The sun, sand and sea create the perfect romantic setting to enjoy time with your loved ones. But it does not end there; come nightfall, the starry sky sets the stage for candlelit dinners and walks along the shore. If you are visiting around the summer season, you may chance upon bioluminescent phytoplankton, lighting up the ocean like stars in the sky. 

Feature image by Maldives AD Agency
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Marukab Plaza: Your go to City Hotel for Layovers!

Flight delays, cancellations and insanely long lay-overs are all too familiar hurdles for avid travellers.

Have you ever spent a night crouched up at the airport due to long layovers or delays? Although a lengthy layover is predicted, flight cancellations and delays can lead to an uncomfortable night at the airport. Thankfully there is one perfect solution to ensure you never end up sleeping on an uncomfortable chair, bench or even the airport floor. If you ever find yourself in this situation in the Maldives, your best bet is to book with Marukab Plaza.

If you’re travelling in the near future, check your travel itinerary beforehand. For long layovers, or if you’re looking for a nice city hotel, Marukab Plaza is your best bet. At Marukab Plaza, you will get the best of the vibrant capital city of the Maldives. This luxury hotel is located on the north-eastern tip of Male’ city.

Rooms & Accomodation

There is no lack of choice when it comes to Marukab Plaza. With seven different room types to choose from, Marukab Plaza is perfect for groups, families or even solo travellers.

  • Marukab Suite – The Marukab Suite comes with a fully furnished living room, fully equipped kitchen, wardrobes and any other amenities you can think of. The Marukab Suite is perfect if you’re planning to stay in the City for a few days or even months! With all the amenities of a good Airbnb, the Marukab Suite allows you to live comfortably.
  • Premium Room – With 29 sqm of space, the Premium Room is perfect for those travelling for work. In addition to a writing desk, the Premium room also includes a mini-bar as well as ironing facilities. The hotel provides all of the basic amenities for this room category as well as luggage storage and a sofa with a coffee table.
  • Deluxe Balcony Room – If you’re all about the views, get the deluxe balcony room. In addition to the city views through a private balcony, the deluxe balcony room also comes with all of the hotel amenities. Some of these amenities include high-speed Wi-Fi, a safe deposit box, a writing desk and ironing facilities.
  • Deluxe Ocean View – There’s nothing quite like having an ocean view in the Maldives. What makes the Deluxe Ocean View different from the Deluxe Balcony room is the view. Although the room does not provide a private balcony, for some travellers it’s all about getting the pretty views.
  • Deluxe Room – The Deluxe Room is perfect for short layovers for couples. In addition to basic hotel amenities, the deluxe room has the beautiful Marukab Plaza design. With big windows and neutral colours filling up the room, your layover worries are taken away.
  • Twin Room – The twin room also has the basic hotel amenities. The twin room is perfect for families or friends who are travelling together, especially if you don’t want to share the bed.
  • Standard Room – The standard room at Marukab is perfect for killing a few hours or a day-long layover in the city. At Marukab Plaza, even the Standard Room comes with hotel amenities, adding a personal touch to your stay!

Dining Options at Marukab Plaza

Your stay at Marukab Plaza is more than just your stay! At this city hotel, you can explore a variety of culinary pleasures as well. Marukab Plaza brings you everything from wild-caught tuna of the Maldives to the warm, fresh flavours of the Mediterranean at the Fig & Olive restaurant.

Additionally, guests are also served amazing coffees and baked goods at the lounge café. The lounge café is beautifully decorated with comfortable seating and notable service.

The Conference Room

Marukab Plaza also offers a beautiful Conference Room. This is the perfect addition for business travellers, or any businessmen looking for a good meeting space. In addition to the Wi-Fi, the Conference Room has a laptop/ computer system, projector, telephone, stationery as well as water.

Marukab Plaza brings you the feel of home away from home while also giving you all the amenities and services of a hotel. From the moment you arrive in the Maldives till your departure, everything is taken care of by the amazing team at the hotel. Here, you can leave all your worries behind as Marukab Plaza also has airport transfers. Gone are the days of worrying about layovers and flight cancellations. Book your stay at Marukab Plaza for a great City hotel experience!

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