Suzaini Ghani, Director of Sales & Marketing at Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi recently celebrated her one-year anniversary at the ‘secret water island’. We got an inside look into her role from this interview shared by the resort.

Find out what makes Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi an incredible guest experience and what keeps travellers coming back to the resort over and over.

01. What is your favourite part of your role at Fairmont Maldives?

Suzaini Ghani: I enjoy the interaction with people the most, be it with the team, our partners, or our guests. I love talking to people from different corners of the globe, sharing stories, and learning from each other’s experiences.

By engaging, we will realize that we are no different from others and we are all connected and a part of a community. I’m a ‘people person’ and my goal is taking care of our guest and our the team on the island at all times.

02. What do you feel is most important in creating a good customer experience?

Suzaini Ghani: We should not forget that we are also customers in one way or another. We have to empathize with the customers, understand what they need, know their preferences. We have to acknowledge that no customers are the same.

As hoteliers, every experience we offer our guests needs to be completely unique. That is the only way we will stand out from our competition.

03. How do you adapt your approach when dealing with different markets?

Suzaini Ghani: As I said, we have to understand market preferences and culture. It is of utmost importance to know what triggers decision-making, travel patterns, the purpose of travel, and the customer journey.

We have to take all of the available information into account to create a tailored Fairmont Maldives experience. The unique and personalized offer is one part of our success story, but our service delivery is equally important. We are known around the world for our heartfelt service.

04. As somebody in a leadership position, how do you encourage and motivate your team?

Suzaini Ghani: I make conscious decisions to be a model leader to my team. As a leader, it is vital to ‘walk the talk’ and lead by example. We might not be aware that there is someone in the workforce looking up to us and seeing us as the reference point of who they want to become someday.

05. Do you find that personalising your approach has helped you to secure business?

Suzaini Ghani: Definitely! A personalized approach is a key to success that sets you apart from your competitors. It fosters brand loyalty which only translates to a sustainable business model.

06. By the time they leave the island, what is the one thing you want customers to remember about their experience at Fairmont Maldives?

Suzaini Ghani: I want our guests to remember that Fairmont Maldives is where they created special moments and lifelong memories. I want our guests to share their Fairmont Maldives experiences with their friends and loved ones back home.

I want Fairmont Maldives stories to be told from generation to generation, personal experiences that are life-changing and impactful. The experiences at Fairmont Maldives are unparalleled, whether it’s a private snorkelling tour on our house reef, a private dining experience under the stars or a pop-up cinema night at one of our Jungle Tented Villas.

Feature image by Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi