If you have never heard of the Maldives you might have some misconceptions about this popular holiday destination. Do you think you know all about the sunny side of life? Well, even if you do, here are some of the most common misconceptions about the Maldives.

1. Maldives is boring

Among the different misconceptions about the Maldives, considering the island nation ‘boring’ is the most absurd one. Yes, the Maldives is one of the best places in the world to simply sit back and relax.

The truth however is that you’ll never run of things to do in the Maldives whether it’s on land on water. If you don’t enjoy the beautiful underwater world of the destination, you’re missing out!

2. Maldives is a part of India

No, the Maldives is not a part of India. The island nation is an independent country with its currency, language, and a long history.

3. Maldives is located in Hawaii, Bali, the Caribbean…etc

People that hear about the Maldives for the first time assume that the island archipelago is located in Hawaii, Bali or the Caribbean. However, the Maldives is located in the north-central Indian Ocean.

4. Tourism is the only industry in the Maldives

While the economy of the Maldives relies heavily on the tourism industry, fishing, agriculture and other industry provide the livelihood for many Maldivians. Furthermore, the fishing and tourism industry are linked as demand for fish is high in resorts.

5. Maldives is one whole island

No. The Maldives compromises 1192 tiny islands. Every resort in the country is located on its very own private island. Hence, isolation and social distancing come naturally at the tropical holiday destination.

6. You require a visa to enter the Maldives

All nationalities can receive a tourist visa upon their arrival in the Maldives. Anyone to the Maldives as a tourist does not require pre-approval for the visa. However, the person must meet the basic entry requirements to get immigration clearance upon their arrival.

7. Maldives has no cuisine

The delicious cuisine of the Maldives is referred to as Maldivian cuisine or Dhivehi Cuisine. The traditional cuisine of the country is based on three main items and their derivatives; coconuts, fish and starches.

8. There are only resorts in the Maldives

If you think the Maldives only boasts luxury resorts, you’re wrong. The island archipelago features stylish guesthouses on local islands which are a cheaper alternative to experiencing the sunny side of life.

9. Maldives doesn’t have its own culture

The Maldivian culture is heavily influenced by neighbouring countries. However, the unique culture includes the country’s very own language and the popular tradition of Bodu Beru. In addition to that, you can find traditional Maldivian crafts like wooden lacquerware and handcrafted boats.

10. All islands in the Maldives look the same

We’ll keep this one simple; no, every island in the Maldives does not look the same.

11. Maldivians live in luxury villas

Quite often people think that Maldivians live in either luxury overwater villas or straw huts. In truth, they live in normal houses (in local islands) and a large population of the country live in the densely populated capital of the Maldives, Malé. The capital of the Maldives is known for its colourful buildings and the popular fish market.

Did you discover any new facts about the Maldives today or clear any doubts you had? Remember the Maldives isn’t only for the rich and things to do at this island haven never runs out. So, start planning your getaway to the trendy holiday destination!

Feature image by Kanuhura Maldives