A couple spending their honeymoon in the Maldives at Paradise island resort has revealed what it’s like to spend a holiday in the Maldives right now. Many think it is complicated or impossible to enjoy a getaway or a holiday during these times. But, the Maldives’ unique settings offer travellers the chance to spend a holiday during this pandemic. 

Why Paradise Island Resort

The pair revealed it’s one of them’s second time holidaying in the Maldives and the other’s first. And they emphasized to have chosen Paradise Island Resort for their getaway for many reasons. The luxury island is big, as opposed to other island resorts in the Maldives. So, guests have plenty of space to roam and have fun!

According to the couple, the endless activities at Paradise Island Resort really enticed them. They enjoyed tennis, basketball, bird watching and of course, snorkelling at the resort. Paradise Island Resort offers much more activities to travellers to choose from. This includes an array of watersports activities and experiences. We know these activities would leave guests with eternal memories of a lifetime.

Safety Standards and Location of the Resort

Highlighting on the COVID-19 protocols, the guests revealed they felt peaceful knowing everyone around them tested negative for COVID-19. Furthermore, the couple shared delight since Paradise Island Resort remains secluded away from other islands. This is one of the unique features for anyone spending a holiday in the Maldives at a resort.

It is no doubt Paradise Island offers unrivalled service for guests. The honeymooners revealed that any information about the resort is simple and smooth to get.

More about Paradise Island Resort

The luxury paradise Island Resort offers oceanfront villa options, gourmet dining spots, and sports facilities. The resort also boasts a luxury wellness facility — the Araamu Spa

Villas at Paradise Island Resort give guests direct access to the beach and ocean. Furthermore, guests at this resort would never run out of dining options. After all, they can choose from Japanese and Italian cuisine to the freshest of Maldivian seafood.

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Feature image by MVHOTELS