Flag carrier and the largest airline of Russia, Aeroflot is increasing flight frequency to the Maldives. According to a tweet by Maldives Airports Company (MACL), Aeroflot will increase flight frequency to the Maldives to 8 flights per week. Furthermore, this will come in effect from 21st November 2020.

Currently, Aeroflot (Also known as Russian Airlines) is operating 4 flights per week to the Maldives. Russia is the strongest tourist source market to the Maldives since the borders reopened, in terms of tourist arrivals. Thus, the increase of flights between SVO-Russia Velana International Airport (VIA) will aid the Maldives in its road to recovering the tourism industry once again.

The largest airline of Russia, Aeroflot has been operating flights to the Maldives for more than 10 years. Usually, a direct flight from Russia to the Maldives takes about 9 hours. The airline is one of the oldest active airline services in the world. And Aeroflor was founded and has been operating since 1923.

According to statistics as of 4th November, Russia is the leading tourist source market to the Maldives. Until 4th November 2020, 9,519 tourist arrivals from Russia has been recorded with a market share of 21.5%. Meanwhile, 2020 started with the Russian market ranking as the fourth-highest arrival market to the Maldives, with an increase of arrivals by 29.6% compared to January of 2019.

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Major airlines operating flights to the Maldives have started their operations since the Maldives border reopening on 15th July 2020. Thus, Arrivals to the island nation is steadily rising once again. Moreover, according to the latest statistics from the Maldives’ Tourism Ministry, Maldives recorded 21,515 tourist arrivals in October 2020. Likewise, 44,365 tourist arrivals have been recorded since the border reopening. This month, the holiday destination saw the highest number of tourist arrivals in a single day as well.

Feature image by Aeroflot