Spokesperson at the President’s Office, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez revealed that guesthouses in the Maldives can resume accepting bookings from South Asian tourists towards the end of July 2021.

According to Mabrook, the Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) aims to have 95% of all guesthouse workers fully vaccinated. The spokesperson also said that HEOC targets to vaccinate 60% of the local population in islands with guesthouses.

While guesthouses will resume accepting bookings from South Asian tourists in late July, tourists from South Asia can visit resorts in the Maldives from 15th July 2021. Holidaymakers from neighbouring India has been waiting for the tropical holiday destination to resume issuing visas to them.

Along with Russia, India has been the Maldives’ leading tourist source market for most of 2021. After COVID-19 cases surged in India earlier this year, tourists from the country were no longer allowed to stay at guesthouses or hotels located in inhabited islands from 27th April 2021.

Maldives Immigration suspended entry for tourists from South Asian countries on 13th May 2021.

Feature image by Arena Hotels