India has been Maldives’ fastest-growing tourist source market for the past two years with masses of Indians visiting the Maldives every month. The neighbouring country played a vital role in the recovery of the Maldives’ tourism industry in 2020.

The official statistics from the Maldives’ Ministry of Tourism indicate India as the biggest source market of 2021. As of 24th February 2021, the Maldives recorded over 40,000 tourist arrivals from India. This is 23.1% of the total market share. The island archipelago is definitely a trendy destination for Indians as proved by the countless Indian celebrities that visited the Maldives over the past few years.

Maldives and India created the first ‘Air Bubble’ in South Asia last year, 2020. This air bubble made it easier for Indians to travel to the Maldives while maintaining health standards. The close distance between the two countries also contributed to the Maldives being an ideal destination easy to access.

The Fastest Growing Source Market of 2019

India became the Maldives’ fastest-growing tourist source market in 2019. The tropical holiday destination recorded 166,015 arrivals from India in 2019 compared to 90,474 in 2018. This is a year-over-year growth of a staggering 83.5%

The Leading Source Market of 2020

After the Maldives reopened its borders in 2020, countless Indian celebrities flocked to the island nation. With 62,960 tourist arrivals and a market share of 11.3%, the neighbouring country was the biggest tourist source market in 2020.

In 2020, some of the most influential Bollywood celebrities visited the Maldives, making headlines all over the media. Check out our list of Indian celebrities that visited the Maldives after the country reopened its borders.

Seamless Air Connectivity

Of course, Indians can access the Maldives easily and at affordable rates. While several Indian airlines operate flights to the Maldives regularly, budget airlines such as GoAir and IndiGo also operate frequent flights between India and Maldives.

Currently the Leading Source Market

As of 24th February 2021, Maldives recorded the highest number of tourist arrivals from India this year. The island archipelago recorded 40,045 tourist arrivals from India with a market share of 23.1%.

Additionally, countless Indian celebrities have once again spent their getaway in the Maldives this year. After the numerous Indian celebs that visited the island nation in 2020, Maldives is now the favourite destination for Indian stars.

Maldives and India also maintain close bilateral relations. Hence. the two countries have been friendly and close in strategic, economic and military cooperation. In addition to the innumerable financial contributions, India has also donated 200,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the Maldives.

Feature image by @bipashabasu via Instagram