Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) in association with Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Tripadvisor hosted an exclusive webinar today, 27th April 2020. The webinar focused on the Maldivian tourism industry and tangible solutions to recover from the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry.

The webinar titled “React, Rethink, Recover: Destination Management Solutions to the COVID-19 Crisis” was led by Mr. Damian Cook, CEO of E-Tourism Frontiers. With over 300 Maldives tourism marketeers having participated, the panellists, shared examples on how they reacted to the crisis and changed their marketing strategies. In addition to tangible solutions for a post COVID-19 travel industry, marketing advice and statistics were shared in the webinar.

The distribution it has caused to all of us in all aspects of life as we know it is incomparable. No industry has been hit as hard as the global travel industry, which has come to an almost absolute stand still. We have changed and adapted to new strategies in order to increase the presence of Maldives globally in digital platforms. We appreciate the efforts of the stakeholders in developing the webinar and marketing collaborations to make the Maldives visible more than ever.”

Thoyyib Mohamed, Managing Director of MMPRC

The webinar focused on three main steps; React, Rethink and Recover. During the 90-minute webinar, Damian Cook, Sarah Mathews and Leon Chan shared presentations with probable recovery plans. As Tourism is the backbone of Maldives’ economy, formulating strategies and plans now for a post COVID-19 world is vital.

Business and travellers themselves are going to make choices on where they are going to travel. And they will prioritize those destinations which has a plan in place and that have clearly shown that they are recovery ready.”

Damian Cook

Seeing the situation as a chance to rebuild the travel industry which can help Maldives, its partners as well as the travelers, its important for the industry figured to stay united in order to overcome these unprecedented times while working towards a better future.

Feature photo from Breaking Travel News