Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation (MMPRC) has commenced a 10 month long webinar sessions targeting the Chinese travel. With Maldives road to recovery plan , the webinar is mainly focused in the educating the participants more about Maldives products and have Maldives as one of the destinations preferred by the Chinese travelers post COVID-19 travels.

With webinar sessions commencing yesterday, it included an in-depth presentation of Maldives tourism industry to over 550 travel agents who participated the session. A Q&A session was conducted at the end of the webinar where a specific questions were answered. Concluding the meeting, the participants shows positive indications about the Chinese market and Chinese visitors enjoying Maldives as a whole year destination. For the upcoming webinars scheduled by MMPRC , the agenda is mainly based on presenting Maldives tourism products, beauty and uniqueness of the destination to attract the right target which will be conducted for a duration of ten months under specific discussion topics related to the Chinese tourists interests.

In the webinar sessions planned, Maldives industry partners will be involved in order to make it more accessible, engaging and informative. The Maldives partners who are joining in the session will provide latest information about Maldives tourism products and their properties.

China being the largest market for the Maldives Tourism for the past couple of years. It is one of the most important market to maintain once after the borders are opened. While addressing the nation , the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih mention the international borders can be opened by July 2020. As china remains as the biggest source market to Maldives, it is important to keep the industry partners well informed and educated.

Feature image by mihaaru