Nasandhura has made an announcement to sell apartments in their new hotel. Nasandhura, the oldest and most iconic hotelier in Male, the capital city of Maldives is currently under construction for a new hotel and apartment suites.

Construction began last year and is rapidly moving. As the oldest tourist hotel in Male’, Nasandhura obtained this land along with the plot of land next to it under rent for the next 50 years. Their plans are to build a Tourist Hotel and also apartments within 20 stories. The apartments are being developed to sell.

The new website for Nasandhura was recently launched and announced that it is going to be the highest residential building in Male’ City. The sum of 118 apartments scheduled to be developed include 13 different categories. These include apartments with 2 rooms to 4 rooms and most exclusively the penthouse.

The hotel notes that these apartments are relatively sizable as compared to other residential dwellings found in Male’ City. Some of the features to these accommodations include two-story-high units and some as large as 3,000 square feet.

The Penthouse is located on the top most floor and is being developed in the latest fashion, using the furniture of the best quality and design. The tenants of these apartments have the privilege of using the facilities incorporated with the hotel downstairs. Some of these facilities include the swimming pool on the rooftop, the gym, saloon and above all, the easiest access to the shopping mall downstairs.

The project is being developed and funded by NPH Investment. According to a Sri Lankan online news source, there will be a four-star hotel of 150 rooms and 100 apartments developed by Sri Lanka’s Brown Hotels and Resort on the plot which NPH has already signed with. Furthermore, they have also signed with an additional company, Alpa Kinam Holdings. Browns Hotels and Resort will be investing USD 9.5 million to expand into the leisure sector overseas in order to reach even greater heights.