“Powerful Marketing” workshop held for marketers from Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation, MMPRC and the Industry has been concluded. The five-day workshop, organized by Visit Maldives in collaboration with facilitator, Turan Ali from Bona Broadcasting was held from 22nd to 27th of August at Maagiri Hotel. It was attended by marketers from Visit Maldives and the industry.

The closing ceremony for the workshop was held on Thursday (26th August) at the workshop venue. The Secretary-General of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry, Ahmed Nazeer attended this ceremony as the chief guest and distributed certificates to the participants.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Guest Mr. Ahmed Nazeer noted the importance of developing human resources in the field of marketing the destination.

I am greatly encouraged by the fact that MMPRC values the importance of training and education. This workshop will be of immense value to you all. This workshop focused on creative marketing and storytelling. In the age of ultra-competitiveness, whereby the Maldives is not just competing with similar destinations but the entire world, our marketing efforts need to be bold, innovative, and highly original. To achieve this, it is highly important that we invest in our most valuable assets, which is our human capital. Without doubt, these types of workshops are crucial for the development of our human capital. I hope that MMPRC continues to host training initiatives like this in the future.

Mr. Nazeer

While delivering a vote of thanks to organizers, trainers, and participants of the workshop, Managing Director of Visit Maldives Thoyyib Mohamed, expressed hope that the participants would utilize the theories and techniques taught during the workshop.

This workshop taught masters level theories on powerful marketing techniques and content creation by one of the best trainers in the field. I saw how engaged you all were during the training session. I hope our staff and those who participated from the industry will apply what we learned during these past couple of days in our future work.

MD Thoyyib

Speaking at the closing ceremony, facilitator and trainer, Turan Ali, said that it was a complete pleasure to work with the participants.

“It is not often I work with a group, where so consistently, across the whole group, these sophisticated theories are understood and used so quickly at such a level. I congratulate Visit Maldives for the selection of this team. I have absolute confidence you understood these theories and will sufficiently start to use them in your work.” Turan noted.

Feature image by MMPRC


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