The Government of Qatar has added the Maldives to its COVID-19 Green List. Upon being added to the list, travellers returning to Qatar from the Maldives can opt for home-quarantine.

Before, travellers had to spend 14-days in a quarantine facility at Qatar upon arrival. However, now that the Maldives is added to the Green List, travellers will only be required to spend a week in quarantine. Likewise, they will re-test for COVID-19 on the 6th day of quarantine.

There are also 10 Rules of Home Quarantine that travellers must adhere to:
  1. ​​Have a suitable housing condition with the availability of your own room and linked bathroom
  2. Sign an undertaking to abide by the rules of home-based quarantine
  3. Watch a short video on the home quarantine measures and read the Home Quarantine Booklet
  4. Apply preventive measures at home to protect others
  5. Have a swab test on day 6 after your arrival back to Doha at one of the PHCC healthcare centres
  6. Answer the phone calls from the public health team during your home quarantine
  7. Agree to receive a visit from the public health team every 2 to 3 days
  8. Inform the public health team if you develop any symptoms (fever, cough, body aches, change in taste or smell)
  9. Download the Ehteraz app
  10. Should not receive visitors while under home quarantine

Qatar is one of the emerging tourist source markets to the Maldives. So, this decision to include the Maldives in the Green List will further increase tourist arrivals from Qatar. The flag carrier of Qatar, Qatar Airways was also the first airline to resume operations to the Maldives upon the border reopening on 15th July 2020.

In addition to this, the United Kingdom has also added the Maldives to its Travel Corridors List. Britain lifted restrictions on the Maldives, allowing holidaymakers to travel to the Maldives without the need to self-isolate on arrival back to the United Kingdom.

Feature image by Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa