Reethi Faru Resort has won the 2020 Haute Grandeur, Global Excellence Awards for; Best Activity Hotel in Indian Ocean, Best Hideaway Resort in Indian Ocean, Best Villa Resort in Indian Ocean, and Best Eco-Friendly Resort in Maldives.

Haute Grandeur selects winners on the guest’s wow satisfaction and reviews, prior to any changes caused by the pandemic. Furthermore, the awards recognize excellence through feedback from guests (and not the quantity of votes) by the general public or a panel of judges. Thus, this fair and transparent process guarantees unbiased results – a concept exclusive to the brand.

The awards honor establishments that continuously excel through remarkable hospitality experiences. Moreover, Haute Grandeur recognize exceptional contributions by hotels, lodges, villas, resorts, retreats, spas and restaurants worldwide. Likewise, association with Haute Grandeur guarantees participating establishments global recognition, distinction, credibility and influence.

Reethi Faru Resort is a stunning, one of a kind, tropical island paradise. At the resort, crystal clear ocean meets endless white coral sand and tropical foliage making the island a truly magical escape. The family-run resort has an enviable pedigree thanks to its drive for conserving the natural beauty. Likewise, the resort works on sustaining the ecosystems upon which the fragile coral reef relies.

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Reethi Faru takes pride to have guardianship of all that nature has created on a tiny island in Raa Atoll. The island measures just six hundred by three hundred and fifty meters. In addition to that, Guests can unwind in one of one hundred and fifty traditional, luxurious Maldivian villas. The villas either complete with Jacuzzi, nestled in the tropical gardens, beachside, or on stilts over the turquoise water. All of the resort’s freestanding and family connected villas are built with its commitment to conservation at the heart of their traditional design.

Feature image by Reethi Faru Resort