Soneva has recently announced its new Workation Offer, valid at all of its resorts between now and 18th December 2020. Guests can tailor the offer to their needs. Likewise, they can book the Workation Offer for 14, 21, and 30-day stays. Thus, avail reduced rates for longer stays which include transfers and daily meals for the whole family.

Soneva’s sprawling villas provide ample space for all the family to find their own nooks to work in. They can choose to work communally in the living and dining rooms. Or also head to bedrooms, libraries, or studies where there is always a desk with an inspiring view. All villas come equipped with high-speed internet. Furthermore, super speed connections are available on request as well.

Many of our guests are busy entrepreneurs who crave an escape from travel bans and lockdowns which hinder their lifestyles. Our Workation Offer is a chance for guests to regain some normalcy and freedom while not having to worry about being cut off from their work commitments back home. Soneva has always been like a ‘home away from home’ for our guests, and this is no exception! Now they can work from their Soneva ‘home’ for three or four weeks in the Maldives or Thailand and run their business from a luxury villa.

Sonu Shivdasani, Soneva’s CEO and Founder said.

According to Soneva, at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, the offer includes a complimentary three-hour Castaway Office on the sandbank. This also comes with a picnic lunch once a week. In addition to that, guests can enjoy a complimentary Later Afternoon Castaway Office on a private island. Which includes a sunset cocktail once a week. Moreover, guests can also avail complimentary daily usage of the resort library as well.

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When booking a 30-day stay at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, a day of sailing onboard Soneva in Aqua with a desert island picnic is also part of the package. Guests at Soneva Jani can also work from the rustic al fresco restaurant, the Crab Shack that is situated right on the beach. Choose between the toes-in-the-sand experience or head to the upstairs deck with deep daybeds, perfect for watching the sunset.

Feature image by Soneva