World Tourism Organization has hosted another webinar on 25th May 2020 to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on International Tourism. The Minister of Tourism, Maldives, Ali Waheed was among the panelists during the discussion.

The minister spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on the Maldivian tourism sector, and the country as whole.  As a country where its economy almost entirely depends on travel and tourism, the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and its people is vast.

It will be more affordable and a safer destination than before. Confidence is the key for a successful international tourism after the pandemic. That’s what Maldives will offer from July.”

Ali Waheed, Minister of Tourism, Maldives

A number of countries across the world are preparing to ease restrictions and open its borders while opting for safer ways to travel. The minister stated that it is important to plan this phase substantially and that it should be done vigilantly and carefully as the world cannot afford a second wave or another surge of deaths and lockdowns.

To reduce further damage to international tourism and global economy, the minister said that the countries need to adopt measures to ensure that they do not go backwards. According to him, the new normal of international travel and tourism must be a globalized universal understanding. He added that borders and airports must impose the minimum standards required to keep travel happening with confidence in airlines, airports and destinations.

Minister also stated that this is not the time for new taxes nor the time to compromise safety, but the time to travel again and travel safe. He spoke about the plans to resume tourism in Maldives again, stating that the country is preparing to reopen its borders in July 2020. The Ministry of Tourism, Maldives recently drafted Safe Tourism guidelines covering all the aspects of travel to ensure that the travellers and staff are safe. Minister added that the guidelines will assure guests the hope to once again feel the sunny side of life in Maldives.

Feature image by Ministry of Tourism