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Afeef Hussain’s Outlook on the New Normal

Afeef Hussain Maldives
We often do you hear the word "new normal". How would you describe it? Is it what we do post-pandemic COVID19, our behaviours, mindset, the way we move around?

How often do you hear the word “new normal”. How would you describe it? Is it what we do post-pandemic COVID19, our behaviours, mindset, the way we move around? This is an interesting area I have been reading the past few weeks. I thought today to take a moment and share what I believe is, how we should address and think about the topic of “NEW NORMAL”.

This specific words came as a way to describe how we should behave post-pandemic either in a short or a medium-term. As the virus is contained and controlled in different parts of the world and various communities, we will be required to return to work, and engage in our community as we used to do before with specific preventive measures which are mostly recommended by health experts. This could be wearing masks wherever required, keeping a physical distance when moving around, extreme hygiene measures such as sanitizing, disinfecting and deep cleaning of places more than we used to do, not gathering in large groups and the list could go on. The global term to describe these new measures and when we practice them, it is known as the NEW NORMAL (mostly from a health standpoint of view).

How I see these word two words, “New Normal” is different. Wearing a mask when going outside doesn’t describe one’s behaviour as a new normal. To me, this is the mindset that you will bring around and live by post-pandemic. Imagine before this crisis, in our community, we may have seen people with the behaviour of not respecting the queue lines in shopping complexes, banks or other places which require services through a queue line. The new mindset requires you to be calm and understanding towards others in the queue line, service provider and everyone else around you. If one can be patience in that queue line to get the service, following the physical distancing, receiving the service with a grateful heart, you have certainly evolved an as result of this pandemic. This is just one example.

The new normal mindset requires us to be more compassionate towards each other. Listen attentively to understand rather than reply and share moments of empathy when needed.  Be interested to know each other proactively and develop a sense of urgency. Be genuine and human in all your dealings. Taking personal responsibility in every single aspect of your life and others around you and replacing mediocre things we used to accept and with excellence.

Post pandemic we have two choice – Repeat or Evolve; We can wait and say; I will wait for the world to get into the “perfect” mode and then do what I do best or we could take this opportunity and lead with a different mindset. 

Below are ten things you can do to live this new mindset regardless of where you work and live!

– Do your part and duty of civic responsibility by following the guidelines provided by the Health Authorities and Agencies that manage this crisis.

– Watch your behaviours; post-pandemic, how you behave will impact the health of others and how they behave will affect yours.

– Develop good thoughts daily and find something to be grateful; share a moment of gratitude with your family, friends and community.

– Take personal responsibility; When you see something wrong, don’t just ignore it. Take action at your level to make it right.

– Live by the mindset of hope and encourage each other. 

– Continue and create the momentum of all the good habits that you have developed during the lockdown or home confinement. May it be healthy eating habits, fitness programs, practising daily prayers, spending time with your family, check on your friends and neighbours through social platforms. Don’t let these go away. You were lucky you had an opportunity to develop and enhance these habits which we should practice anyway.

– Take your actions based on the facts rather than the opinions. Always check the right information. Don’t react; take a moment to think before you respond.

– Take care of yourself – don’t be too hard on yourself; if you can’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to give love and care to others. New mindset requires you to pay more attention to yourself.

– Don’t blame others for various challenges post-pandemic; Always ask yourself “what can you do to make it right and change the situation”. Blame & shame won’t help anyone.

– Leave places and people better than you found them; share a smile, compliment or thank whenever you receive a service or help from someone.

The new normal mandate is all about the mindset; The mindset around how we can be more human towards the future ahead of us. We all have a responsibility. Post pandemic our future success and significant part of economic recovery depend on how well we live and practice this mindset.

The Article was Published on Linkedin by Afeef Hussain. Afeef is the Regional Director of Training and Human Resources of LUX* Resorts & Hotels, the President of Maldives Association for Human Resources Professionals (MAHRP).

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