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Batik Air: Your Best Travel Partner for a Budget Trip to Maldives

Batik Air flight
Your passport to an affordable vacation to the Maldives just dropped - it's time to start planning your trip to the white sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans!

Maldives is surely one of those dream destinations that we constantly dream of visiting, at least once in this lifetime. Everyone from celebrities to families loves this destination for all its unique features. Whether it’s the beaches or the friendly people, Maldives islands are a must-visit on everyone’s bucket list.

If you’re worried about breaking the bank on your next trip to these beautiful islands, worry not. Your travel partner for a budget trip is here to save you. Batik Air, formerly operating as Malindo Air started its direct routes from Malaysia to the Maldives in June of 2023. This new airline and direct flight was the answer to the prayers of millions of travellers who are looking for direct, and cheap flights to the Maldives. Although we all love Singapore Air, Emirates and even Air Asia, sometimes we want a combination of all three. Budget-friendly, direct and comfortable – and Batik Air meets all of the three criteria!

Budget-Friendly Direct Flights to Maldives with Batik Air

Can you imagine booking tickets to the Maldives for fares as low as $200 for a round trip? With Batik Air, your route to the Maldives is not just made easier, but it’s also made affordable. If you’re looking to fly economy class, one-way tickets could cost as low as $88 with a free baggage allowance of 20 kg.

Batik Air is operating six direct flights from Malaysia to the Maldives per week! With a capacity of 162 passengers per flight, if you book your trip early on, you might get lucky and book your tickets for the lowest fares available.

This is not just news for Malaysian travellers looking to book trips to the Maldives, as Batik Air currently operates to a total of 52 destinations! So, if you’re looking for an affordable trip, find your route to the Maldives through Batik Air. You might just get your dream budget-friendly Maldives trip!

How is the Experience of Flying with Batik Air?

Your trip with Batik Air is not just about getting from point A to point B. It is an experience in itself. From the moment you step on board, the welcoming crew sets the mood for your whole journey. From warm smiles to comfortable seats and a delectable inflight dining menu – it does not feel like a budget experience.

With each trip you book with Batik Air, the airline provides you with a variety of options for your meal, which is included in your ticket price. This means, no additional payments for a delicious hot meal on your way to Maldives! If you want to add on a meal or choose a different meal, Batik Air also provides an inflight catering menu. The option to purchase meals goes for prices as low as $6!

Business Class Experience with Batik

You might not think business class with budget-friendly. Batik Air, however, brings all the luxuries for those passengers who still want to book an affordable business-class seat to the Maldives. The business class comes with recline, full leather seats with spacious legroom and charging sockets. Some of the additional benefits include premium check-in, specially catered meals and a 40 kg baggage allowance.

Are you ready to book your next flights to the Maldives with Batik Air? Fly directly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Velana International Airport. Within just 4 short hours, you will reach your dream destination without breaking the bank! Let’s start your budget-friendly journey to Maldives with Batik Air.

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