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Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead as Boeing 787 Dreamliner Plunges Midflight – What Really Happened?

Boeing Is starting off the year on a rough patch!

The first bad sight for this month for Boeing started early into 2024 as the 787 Dreamliner suddenly plunged midflight! Although such drops are common with turbulences, the 787 Dreamliner plunge caused such a sudden movement that passengers were suddenly thrown around the cabin. Approximately 50 passages were treated for injuries after they arrived in Auckland.

Although the incident caused major panic, the pilot was able to recover and land the plane safely. Although it’s yet unclear why the LATAM flight from Australia to New Zealand fell so dramatically, the statement by Boeing called it a technical difficulty.

Flight LA800, operating the Sydney – Auckland route today, had a technical event during the flight which caused a strong movemen, readds the statement.

Not the First Rodeo for Boeing!

This is not the first time the company is in hot water. On the first weekend of the year, part of an Alaska Airlines 737 Max blew off the side of the plane! This news made headlines all across social media. The passenger who was booked to be seated next to the side of the plane, thankfully failed to show up for the flight. The federal investigation into the case revealed that Boeing probably did not put the bolts in the plunge. This is specifically designed to prevent the part from being blown off.

This incident caused more stir than the current one. Following the Alaska Airlines incident, all 737 Max jets were grounded. In addition to this, Boeing also faced issues in February 2024. Pilots on United Airlines 737 Max reported issues. According to the pilots, the flight controls jammed as the plane landed in Newark. With such incidents taking place at least once a month in 2024, Boeing has been garnering quite the infamous attention.

More Bad News for the Company

Just when we thought Boeing could not have any more bad news, another headline popped up. A former Boeing employee has been found dead, causing mass concern. The whistleblower had raised concerns about lapses at a South Carolina factory. It appears that Boeing has been garnering quite negative attention for some time now. And every new headline about Boeing garners even more negative media attention.

Although Boeing could easily dismiss the latest news with a proper statement, the company is still leaving questions up in the air. And now, the death of Boeing whistleblower John Barnett is garnering suspicion from the public as well.

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Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Welcomes First Guests!

Hawaiian Airlines has just marked the arrival of the inaugural flight of its new flagship aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The airline, which is celebrating 93 years in 2024 is is the largest operator of commercial flights to and from the island state of Hawaii. Additionally, the airline is also the 24th-largest commercial airline in the United States.

The inaugural flight for Hawaiian Airlines’ new flagship aircraft Aircraft N781N has been named named Kapuahi. This name directly translated to a star known as Aldebaran in Western astronomy.

Today marks an incredible achievement for all of us at Hawaiian Airlines and I’d like to thank all of our teammates, Boeing and our many partners for helping us make this moment possible. Our 787-9 is a true flagship product that, when paired with the award-winning hospitality of our crew, will provide guests with an unforgettable Hawaiʻi travel experience, says Peter Ingram – president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines.

The guests of the inaugural Hawaiian Airlines flight also had the lucky chance to be the first to watch the brand new safety video on the airline. The tag-line ‘Aloha and welcome aboard’ welcomes the passengers, as the crew talks through the safety procedures. The safety video also showcases the beauty of Hawaii, allowing travellers a first glimpse into the beautiful island.

A Look Into the Cabins of Hawaiian Airlines

The 34 Leihōkū (garland of stars) suites of the airline features lie-flat seating. With this, Hawaiian Airlines welcome travelers with an 18-inch in-flight entertainment screen, as well as personal power outlets, wireless cell phone charging, and direct aisle access. The suites also offers privacy or a shared experience, allowing couples to fall asleep.

The main cabin consists of 266 Collins Aerospace Aspire seats with ergonomically contoured back and armrests. This seat can be maximized into a living space, offering more shoulder and hip room. Additionally, the cabin also features a 12-inch seatback monitor with USB-A and USB-C charging ports. Main Cabin guests can also select from 79 Extra Comfort seats to enjoy more legroom and access to AC power outlets.

Hawaii has been an increasingly popular destination among travellers. As of recent, Hawaii has yet again picked up its popularity as a dream wedding destination as well. Travellers who love the islands compare it to other beach destinations such as The Maldives.

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