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Bonza: What’s Happening With Flight Cancellations Across Australia?

Many travellers consider it a nightmare when airlines cancel or delay their flights. This became a reality recently for travellers of Bonza. Australia’s newest budget airline Bonza only set off on its inaugural flight in January of 2023. However, the airline’s future hangs by a thread as all of Bonza’s flights have been suspended, presenting a bleak outlook.

With this, thousands of passengers who had planned to fly with Bonza flights find themselves stranded across Australia. Competitors are now stepping up to fill in for the airline. Bonza flights were connecting travellers from the Sunshine Coast to Mildura without having to stop in a capital city. With this, passengers flying on bigger airlines such as Virgin Airlines, Qantas or Rex Airlines had easy and affordable connectivity since last January. Not only is Bonza the first carrier to launch in Australia in the past 16 years, but the airline also provides budget-friendly connections to travellers.

Why Are Bonza Flights Being Cancelled?

Thousands of passengers who were looking to fly with Bonza are now stranded, as the flights were cancelled for Tuesday 30th April. This, however, might not be a one-day suspension, as the carrier is still discussing the viability of its future. Although passengers are looking for answers, Bonza only released a two-line statement explaining its flight cancellations.

Bonza has temporarily suspended services due to be operated today (Tuesday 30th April), as discussions are currently underway regarding the ongoing viability of the business. We apologise to our customers who are impacted by this and we’re working as quickly as possible to determine a way forward that ensures there is ongoing competition in the Australian domestic aviation market, says Tim Jordan – Chief Executive of Bonza in a statement released just after 8 am.

This is the second time that the airline has cancelled flights. Just last December, passengers were left stranded following the cancellation of the Darwin-Gold Coast flights. That cancellation was extended to March this year, flights were cancelled out of Mount Isa.

It is still difficult to say whether the airline is in a position to be saved, the future of Bonza is left up in the air for now.

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Explore Abu Dhabi for Free With The Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Stopover Program!

Imagine exploring a new city during your layover without the stress of missing your next flight. If you’re a fan of Sex & the City and want to explore Abu Dhabi like Carrie Bradshow, this new announcement might be for you. You can now explore Abu Dhabi through the Etihad AirwaysAbu Dhabi Stopover‘ program. The best part about this new program? It allows passengers with a connecting flight through Abu Dhabi International Airport to enjoy a complimentary hotel stay in the city!

The Abu Dhabi Stopover Program

The next time you’re booking a roundtrip on an Etihad flight with a layover in Abu Dhabi, you can now have the option to get a stay in the city. With the Abu Dhabi Stopover program, you can now choose a free hotel to stay in during your ticket booking process.

Next time you book a ticket on the airline, make sure to book a roundtrip with a layover in Abu Dhabi’s Zayed International Airport. This program is available only for those customers, so this would be your golden ticket. Guests booking the Stopover program can select from premier hotels all across Abu Dhabi. Not only that but travellers can also book their stay for a one or two-night stay as well. The Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) announced this collaboration at the Arabian Travel Market 2024.

Etihad offers this deal only for direct bookings made at least three business days in advance. Next time you plan a trip on Etihad, make sure you book your tickets early. There are several beautiful destinations to explore in the city. Who knows, this just might be the chance of a lifetime for you to explore Abu Dhabi this year!

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