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Budget-Friendly Airlines for Your Summer Trip to Maldives

Are you looking for the best travel deals for a Summer 2024 trip to the Maldives? Nothing beats a good vacation that helps you save through amazing deals on airlines, hotels and resorts. If you’re looking to spend your vacation in the Maldives this summer, here are some of the best budget-friendly airlines you should consider flying with!

Maldives All Inclusive with Virgin Atlantic

This summer, Virgin Atlantic is your new travel best friend. The airline flies you directly from London to the Maldives through 10-11-hour flights. The best part is that Virgin Atlantic is offering some amazing deals for your summer holiday. Now, you can connect directly to your favourite Maldives resorts from just £1317pp! Additionally, the airline is also offering amazing rates for the upcoming summer as well as early bookings for an amazing vacation in 2025. The new daily services at Virgin Atlantic can help you explore some of the most amazing resorts with a better price range. For winter connectivity, Virgin Atlantic is offering trips for just £1401pp++. Additionally, travellers can also plan and pre-book their amazing 2025 getaways through the airline now, from £1822pp onwards!

Batik Air – Connecting Travellers Between Maldives and Malaysia

The recently introduced Batik Air has become one of the popular airlines among travellers looking to connect between the Maldives and Malaysia. In addition to offering some of the most budget-friendly prices, Batik Air also ensures a comfortable trip for its passengers. Batik Air tickets to the Maldives can be as budget-friendly as $200 for a round trip if you’re lucky! Batik Air is currently operating six direct flights from Malaysia to the Maldives per week! Maldives, however, is not the only destination that Batik Air connects you to. The airline currently operates to a total of 52 destinations, offering some of the best prices possible. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly airline to fly to the Maldives this summer, consider Batik Air!

Air Asia

When it comes to exploring your favourite Asian destinations, there is no airline like Air Asia. The airline connects travellers to a multitude of amazing destinations with the best fares. Travellers looking to explore the Maldives can get some of the best fares available through Air Asia. Over the years, Air Asia has truly become one of the number one choices to connect to the Maldives. Although the airline is budget-friendly, Air Asia still offers amazing services as well as delicious in-flight catering. When it comes to the Maldives, AirAsia connects passengers directly to the country by hosting 18 flights every week!

Singapore Airlines

Experience the epitome of luxury and convenience with Singapore Airlines on your journey to the Maldives this summer. Renowned for its exceptional service and world-class amenities, Singapore Airlines offers unparalleled comfort and style as you embark on your tropical getaway. Fly directly from major cities worldwide to the Maldives with Singapore Airlines, where every aspect of your journey is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and memorable experience. In order to make your travel experience even better, Singapore Airlines recently updated its Premium Economy class. With this new update, travellers to select from two premium main courses per flight and more!

Sri Lankan Airlines

You can now embark on your magical journey to discover the Maldives with Sri Lankan Airlines. This is yet another airline that connects you to the most beautiful destinations on a budget. Although the airline offers amazing deals, travellers do not have to give up on any of the luxuries of flying. In addition to amazing in-flight catering, Sri Lanka Airlines also offers comfortable seating and top-notch services. You can now fly directly from key destinations to the Maldives with Sri Lankan Airlines, where every moment of your journey is infused with Sri Lankan charm and hospitality.

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The first-ever Sea-to-Air Cargo Transshipment Commenced in the Maldives!

Velana Airport has announced the first-ever sea-to-air cargo transshipment along with Turkish Airlines, Maldives Ports Limited and Maldives Customs Service. This major step in cargo transhipment in the Maldives was celebrated on the 17th of May at the airport.

The  MoU for the ‘Sea to Air’ cargo transshipment services were signed earlier this year, on March 30th. With this, Turkish Airlines became the cargo partner to facilitate the service along with the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).

With the transshipment service, MPL can easily transport goods through both seas as well as air travel. In addition to catering to the needs of businesses and industries in the region, this will also help expedite the carrying of goods from one place to another. According to the Turkish Airlines’ Regional Cargo Manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives Bilal Okur, this will help the airline’s target to develop the Maldives into a sea-to-air transshipment hub.

This innovative logistics solution is expected to significantly boost the efficiency of cargo movement. Additionally, this may also see the enhancement of trade opportunities for the Maldives.

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