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China Eastern’s New Route to the Maldives- Kunming to VIA

Velana International Airport has made an exciting announcement, which will make travel to the Maldives easier for Chinese travellers.

On 28th February, China Eastern‘s flight from Kunming, China landed at Velana International Airport. This new route marks another accomplishment since the COVID-19 pandemic. China Eastern is officially ready to connect travellers from Kunming to China this year, to enjoy the sunny side of life!

China Eastern is the second largest airline in China, connecting thousands of travellers to the Maldives each year. As the Maldives welcomed over 50,481 tourists in February alone, this new route by China Eastern is expected to bring in even more Chinese travellers to the country. The airline is known to be the number one choice for Chinese travellers looking to visit the Maldives. In addition to providing an additional route for Chinese travellers, the airline will also host flights every day of the week!

In addition to this route, travellers can also fly to the Maldives through Shanghai with China Eastern Airline. Travellers who enjoy flying with the airline can also look into the new codesharing agreement with Virgin Atlantic. The code-sharing agreement gives travellers access to more business and leisure connections in East Asia. In addition to this, travellers can also get access to more destinations throughout China.

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United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Diverted Due to Reports of Smoke

Boeing is making headlines yet again after a United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was diverted shortly after take off. A United Airlines Boeing flight travelling between Los Angeles and Hong Kong was directed to San Francisco. This happened shortly after take-off as reports of smoke were identified inside the cabin. Approximately 90 minutes after take off, the flight was diverted and landed at the San Francisco airport.

This is, however, not the first time that Boeing is getting into hot waters. This year alone, Boeing has made major headlines due to several errors in their flights. Early into 2024, a 787 Dreamliner suddenly plunged midflight, causing people to raise eyebrows at all the problems going on with the company. Following the incident, approximately 50 passengers were treated for injuries after they arrived in Auckland.

Prior to this, Boeing also made headlines due to part of an Alaska Airlines 737 Max blowing off the side of the plane. Luckily the passenger failed to show up, causing less damage than what might have occurred during the incident.

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