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Furaveri Maldives | One Island, Many Memories!

Furavero Maldives Resort. Located in raa atoll and a beautiful island for a getaway

Nestled within the beautiful Raa Atoll, a magical little paradise, unique by nature and design. – the story of Furaveri Maldives is worth exploring.

It’s all about these intimate moments here (at Furaveri Maldives). Furaveri creates customized journeys for your holiday so you can be free to laugh, love, unwind and reconnect.

Providing an international offering in a local setting, they invite you to experience the best of authentic Maldivian hospitality while you make the most of it.

40 minutes speedboat trip from Hanifaru Bay, the famous UNESCO biosphere reserve, the little stretch of heaven is home to one of the best house reefs you have seen. Under the water right around the island, are lively gardens of colorful soft corals where turtles come to feed throughout the year, and the reef’s own natural cleaning station where Manta Rays come every now and then to be groomed by the fascinating cleaner wrasses.

Over the beautiful water villas of Furaveri Maldives

On land, you are caressed by the tropical freshness of Coconut palms and Kashikeyo palms (screw pines) growing tall and strong. Look closely into this diverse greenery and you can catch glimpses of the native birds, especially the graceful white Iruvaahudhu (white herons), in their natural habitat. Furaveri is also blessed with a dreamy white beach easily accessible from anywhere around the island, and privately from the comfort of all land villas.

Here at Furaveri Maldives, they offer a range of cozy options for your stay, from beach villas, garden villas, beach pool villas to luxurious Dhoni pool villas and water villas. Catering to all ages and lifestyles and exciting adventures and activities to make your holiday as memorable as you can imagine.

To complement your fun in the sun, the Wellness village is a peaceful, holistic sanctuary in itself. Complete with modern facilities running through waterways and guided by ancient knowledge, the team is at your service to make your healing experience a lasting one. 

At the end of the day, whether you would like to unwind with a drink in hand or sit down for a culinary journey, we have you covered. With international cuisine presented in breath-taking settings such as the ‘Amigos’ Mexican restaurant at the edge of the lagoon overlooking the ocean, ‘Raiyvila’ A la Carte Asian fine dining by the sunset beach or international buffet restaurant serving throughout the day.

The article was originally published in FIYA Magazine, Issue 10, Published by MVHOTELS.

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What to Pack for a Trip to the Maldives: A Complete Guide

From bikinis to sundress, let's uncover everything you need to pack for a short getaway to the Maldives!

Dressing for the Maldives is both about fashion as well as practicalities. This can make packing for the Maldives a little complicated for many. How many bikinis do I need to pack? Do I need an evening gown? Do resorts in the Maldives provide sunblock and sandals? These are all valid questions for a first-time traveller to the Maldives, or any tropical beach destination!

So, here is your guide on what to pack for your next trip to the Maldives.

How many Bikinis do I Need to Pack?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. How many days are you travelling for? Are you planning to partake in lots of watersports activities? Regardless, the easy route to this answer is, that you can never pack too many bikis to a tropical destination. You can pack 10 bikinis for a 10-day vacation or 20 bikinis to switch things up more often. From experience, one thing about a trip to the Maldives is, that whether it rains or whether it’s scorching hot, beach day never gets cancelled. So you can never pack too many bikinis or beach wear.

It’s not just a practical choice, but packing more beach wear can also free up a lot of space in your travel bag for other essentials. If you’re going on a romantic getaway, we do recommend bringing a few sun-dresses for a nice dinner or cocktail party. Depending on the resort you book, white parties and themed nights are like small festive activities you can dress up for. You can either plan ahead and bring outfits coordinated for white parties or themed nights. But if you don’t have any space in your luggage to pack for these occasions you can always buy a brand new dress at the boutique shops. You can find these in most resorts in the Maldives. In addition to cute sun-dresses and evening gowns, guests can also purchase bikinis, trinkets and jewellery at these stores.

If you’re thinking of going island hopping, we do recommend bringing something more covered up. Unlike the resorts, in local islands travellers are not allowed to wear bikinis (unless there is a specified bikini beach). You can still wear shorts, sundresses and short-sleeved shirts!

Do I need to Pack Sandals for a Trip to the Maldives?

If you have any shoes packed into your luggage, we recommend switching them with your most comfortable pair of sandals. Or you could save more space by not bringing any additional footwear. In almost any resort in the Maldives, guests are presented with a pair of sandals and in-door slippers in the villa. In addition to this, resorts also provide beach bags and beach towels.

Upon arrival, you may also notice that most people just prefer to walk barefoot on resorts. After all, it’s all just sandy and beach in the Maldives! After a long day at the beach, you can always wash off in front of the villa before going in. So, sandals or flip-flops are the least of your worries here.

One addition you might want to make is a sun hat, sunglasses and beach cover-up. This is especially important for those who are new to tropical weather. It’s always best to keep yourself protected, even on vacation.

What are Some Essentials to Bring on My Trip?

Although you can find most things you need at resort shops, if you are someone who sticks to certain brands there are a few things you can bring. In addition to your cosmetics, we highly recommend bringing your favourite sunblock. You can always purchase them in resort shops if you forget. One recommendation when buying sunblock for the Maldives is to ensure it is reef-friendly. This way, you can keep yourself and nature protected at the same time.

Since a trip to the Maldives is often a long journey for many, we also fully recommend getting travel insurance. While this is not the most fun part of trip planning to the Maldives, it is essential. Travel insurance is the best way to safeguard your trip against any mishaps.

Another not-so-fun part of trip planning is thinking about an adapter. It is often a travel mishap that everyone faces. How many times have you been to another country and faced the struggles of not being able to plug your electronics into charge? Whether you’re going to Maldives or anywhere else in the world, getting a universal adapter is always a smart move to make.

Leave your Visa stress behind when you’re booking a vacation to the Maldives. In this country, it’s visa-on-arrival for travellers! As long as you have 6-month validity to your passport and a return ticket, you should be good to go!

If you’re not looking to have a Kim Kardashian moment, stop worrying about what accessories to pack for your trip to Maldives as well. Leave the luxurious pieces behind and embrace the island life. But if you really don’t feel like parting ways with your jewellery, most resorts provide safe boxes for your valuables.

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