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Holidaying at Villa Hotels – Beach or Overwater Villas?

Overwater villas at Villa Hotels property, paradise island resort, Maldives
Find out the highlights of each type of accommodation by Villa Hotels - the premier choice for resort accommodation in the Maldives.

Would you choose an overwater villa that offers panoramic views of the surrounding lagoon? Or should you opt for a beach villa tucked away in tropical gardens but just a few steps away from the shoreline? Villa hotels and resorts is the premier choice for resort accommodation in the Maldives. Find out the highlights of each type of accommodation by Villa Hotels to help you choose!

Beach Villas

Villa hotels offers Beach Villas, Garden Villas, and Beach Bungalows set back from the blue lagoon under the shade of tropical greenery. Each one has direct access to the beach, private terraces, and beautiful ocean views. Many of their beach-facing villas also have private pools, Jacuzzis, and outdoor showers. These beach villas are perfect for:

  • Families: Since beach villas are few steps away from waters, little ones can easily be watched over while they play in the shallows.
  • An action-packed holiday: Beach Villas are closer to the islands’ main facilities.
  • Those in search of a tropical island experience: If your idea of the perfect stay in the Maldives means sand between your toes, the sound of palm trees swaying, and azure blue waters just a few steps away, Villa Hotels’ beach-front accommodation is a perfect choice.

Overwater Villas

The Lagoon Suites, Ocean Suites, and Water Bungalows are all spaciously positioned on wooden jetties in the surrounding blue lagoons. All these options offer unbeatable panoramic views and have private verandas. However, some also have Jacuzzis and private freshwater pools. These luxury suites are perfect for:

  • Romance: If you’re in search of complete privacy, these villas tick all the boxes.
  • A luxury getaway: Each of the overwater villas boasts spacious decks & beautiful furnishing. Likewise, they offer direct access to the ocean below.
  • Quintessential overwater accommodation: overwater villas are perfect for those looking to make the most of the beautiful settings.

to book a stay in a Villa Hotels beach villa or an overwater villa go to

About Villa Hotels & Resorts

Villa Hotels & Resorts aims to make the Maldives an unsurpassed holiday haven for lovers of nature, adventure, family time, or romance. With more Maldives hotel rooms than any other company, resorts by the hotel operator range from the four-star, family-friendly Holiday Island Resort & Spa to the romantic five-star Paradise Island Resort & Spa.

An Article Published by Villa Hotels

Feature image by Villa Hotels

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Here’s How Google is Making Travel More Sustainable!

Since the launch of OpenAI, We’ve all been using ChatGpt to plan our next trip. Not only does it help you plan your whole itinerary to fit your budget, but AI is also able to suggest you the hotspots to visit. Although this has been the latest buzz in the travel community, Google is set to take things up a notch as well to help you travel more sustainably. Just a few weeks ago, Google shared some exciting updates, revealing its plans to introduce some cool AI-powered features in some of its products!

If you’re planning a trip, what are some of the first things you do? Looking up the best countries to visit this summer? What are the most budget-friendly travel spots? What are the visa requirements? How can I travel more sustainably? We all go to Google to find the answers to some of these pressing travel questions. Although Google has always been a reliable source, where travellers share their top secrets, things are about to get better. As Google continues to improve its travel-friendly features, there are going to be some exciting updates to its Maps, Search, Flights as well as Hotel products. According to Skift, some of these features are going to be powered by Google’s Gemini generative AI technology.

How to Plan a Trip with Google’s Latest Updates

If you’ve been struggling to plan out your travel itinerary, Google’s latest AI-powered trip planner might be your saviour. That’s not all, Google has introduced a lot more options for travellers to enjoy!

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