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05 Important Facts You Need to Know Before Flying on TMA

TMA flight on the beach
Whether you’re booking your next trip through a tour operator or you’re making your own travel itinerary to the Maldives, one thing every visitor must explore is a seaplane transfer on Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA).

Not only is the seaplane transfer much faster than the speedboat, but these rides also allow you to see the true beauty of the Maldives! As all the seaplane rides are made during daylight hours, just one look out of the window will show you the most majestic views of the Maldivian islands, reefs, lagoons and more. If you’re a first-time flier, thinking about booking a seaplane ride through TMA, the world’s largest seaplane operator, here are 05 things to know before you head on to your journey.

01. How to Check-in

Before you head onto your unforgettable journey in the Maldives, make sure you have scheduled your transfer through a tour operator or directly with the hotel. After your immigration clearance upon arrival, you can directly go to the respective resort counter which can be located in the arrival area – your tour operator or any information service operator at the airport can also help you track down the counter.

The representatives at the counter will then help you go through a smooth and speedy check-in process, it’s nothing like your check-in for international flights! On the completion of your check-in, the representatives will then assist you to the air-conditioned buses, which will transport you to the beautiful Noovilu Speaplne Terminal, where you can find snacks and beverages as well as spaces to freshen up before your departure.

The seaplane terminal itself is a beautiful spot to visit before your flight. Make sure you head outside and get the scenic view of the seaplanes that are ready to take off, all lined up with the backdrop of the Maldives. It’s truly a breathtaking view you must capture!

02. Travel like a VIP

Feeling like arriving at your resort like a VIP? TMA ensures top-notch luxurious facilities for VIP guests who want to travel like a boss! One of the special benefits of being a VIP guest is the dedicated VIP lounges. Depending on the resort you’re booking your stay at, you might get to explore the VIP lounge for the dedicated resort, or you can enjoy the TMA VIP lounge where relaxation and comfort become a top priority. 

VIP guests are facilitated with cooling towels, beverages, snacks and the most scenic view of the seaplane terminal as they wait for their departure.

03. How much Baggage can I take?

You may think that TMA seaplanes will only allow a small amount of baggage. But don’t worry, the standard baggage allowance is 20 kg of checked-in luggage and 5kg of hand luggage per person. This is the perfect amount for your trip to a resort, where the sunny weather asks for nothing more than beach wear!

04. Is TMA just for going to resorts?

TMA is more than just a seaplane transfer, it’s a journey through paradise where every moment creates a lasting memory. Whether it is a resort transfer or a private charter a journey with TMA is something every traveller needs to have on their bucket list. So here are some additional services that TMA provides for travellers to enjoy the true beauty of Maldives:

  1. Photo Flights – The photo flight charter service includes a 10-minute flyover, where you can capture the most scenic views of the Maldives. Don’t worry, this charter service comes at a reasonable price, you can always email for more information!
  2. Private Charter – If you’re looking to fly to your destination in full VIP, you can charter a TMA flight from and to any destination! Now that’s called flying in ultimate luxury style. 
  3. Excursions – You can always book your dolphin and sunset excursions at the resort, but you must book a full-day or half-day excursion with TMA as well! This is truly the best way to enjoy the islands and sandbanks of the Maldives, where you can enjoy a picnic with your loved ones and enjoy the true luxury of the destination.
  4. Passenger Evacuation Flights – TMA also provides flights upon request for medical or other emergencies from resorts or local islands that are located within the seaplane zone. 

05. Can I carry a surfboard or equipment on a TMA flight?

Maldives is truly the dream destination for surfers from all around the world, and sometimes to reach your dream surfing destination the most ideal way might be to hop on a TMA flight. For these special baggage, such as surfboards or large and heavy equipment, TMA fully recommends chartering a flight, as the size restrictions of the cabin or luggage compartment make it difficult to accommodate such baggage on a scheduled flight. 

Now that you know all the little details from your check-in to the VIP services, are you ready to book a trip to the Maldives and enjoy the most breathtaking views with TMA?

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Discounted Prices on Maldivian Airline – Save on Surf Bag Costs

Surfs up! Are you ready to catch the waves at the next destination?

The end of February officially marks the time for summer trip planning. Your next destination might just be the Maldives, so plan your trip check the latest flight updates and plan your itinerary. Over the past few years, the Maldives has managed to rebrand itself quite a bit. Although it used to be known as an undiscovered island destination, with the start of tourism, Maldives became a bucket list travel destination. Over time, Maldives has also started attracting surfers around the world. With its beautiful beaches and amazing waves, some surfers might just say the Maldives is Going Off! To add to the beautiful temperatures this time around, Maldivian Airlines just made an exciting announcement. With the latest announcement, travellers can now carry their surf bags to the next destination at reduced costs.

This price reduction comes after citizens expressed their concerns to the President of the country over increased prices for surfers. Shortly after, Maldivian took to X to announce the price reductions. According to the post, large surf bags measuring 86 inches in length and 24 inches in breadth with 6-10 inches in thickness will see a price reduction of 33%. Additionally, the airline also introduced a new category of surf bags for those carrying smaller surf bags. For this category, surf bags which are 86 inches in length, 24 inches in breadth and up to 5 inches in thickness will get a 66% price reduction!

The new addition as well as price reduction by Maldivian will surely encourage surfers from all across the globe to explore new destinations through the airline. The Maldives is home to some of the most beautiful surfing locations! In addition to this, the airline also revealed bargain ticket prices for amazing destinations nearby.

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