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Laura Pagano Appointed as SHY Manager at Oaga Art Resort

Oaga Art Resort announces the well-deserved promotion of Laura Pagano as the Spa, Health & Youth Manager (SHY Manager) at the property.

Laura is a seasoned wellness professional, who brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her new role.

Laura’s journey with Oaga started even before the resort’s doors opened. Laura played a pivotal role in the curation of the well-known Hoba Spa at Oaga Art Resort. This unique spa, which incorporates Maldivian healing techniques into modern wellness was a collaboration between Spa Manager Laura and Maldivian Healer Aishath Zulfishan (Xubba). The two worked together, infusing Xubba’s deep understanding of traditional Maldivian healing practices and personalised experiences into Laura’s influence.

Laura’s experience extends beyond the collaborative creation of the Hoba Spa and its unique Maldivian healing techniques. Laura also played a pivotal role when it came to revitalising the resort’s Fiyoh Kids’ Club. With her characteristic passion and initiative, Oaga Art Resort was able to curate a fun and enriching space for children. Laura became the perfect choice to oversee both the Hoba Spa and Fiyoh Kids’ Club due to her natural ability to connect with people of all ages!

Laura embodies the very essence of Oaga.Her ability to connect with guests, inspire her team, and curate transformative wellness experiences is well appreciated. This promotion is not just a recognition of her talent, but a celebration of her unwavering dedication to our community and her commitment to nurturing the wellbeing of every individual who walks through the door. Says Manal Nashid, Director at Oaga.

Laura’s dedication extends beyond human guests. She even fosters a community for the island’s resident feline companions, as she tends to the island cats who reduce near the spa lobby area.

A visit to the Hoba Spa during a stay at Oaga Art Resort is an experience in itself. But getting the opportunity to meet and talk to Laura about the healing practices at the Spa makes the experience unforgettable. If you’re curious about the healing experience at Hoba Spa, Laura is the go-to person for a thorough explanation, which feels more like a story.

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Easter at SAii Lagoon and Hard Rock: Festivities and Events

Easter is the perfect time to jet off for a memorable family holiday before the summer rush floods in.

This Easter is especially lined up of festivities and events at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection by Hilton at CROSSROADS Maldives!

Kid-friendly, Teen Approved, Roxity Kids Club & Teen Spirit Club

Who says grown-ups get to have all the fun? This Easter, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is bringing adult-free zone for kids to enjoy. Kids get to stat the day with the Bunny Dance Fitness session at the pool Deck. Groove to the rhythm and get energised for the day ahead!

Join the Sundown Ritual again the perfect tropical sunset and backdrop! Indulge in a Mexican dinner at The Elephant and The Butterfly, accompanies by live band performances, that will set the stage on fire. For the family-favourite, the resort is bringing back Easter Pool Party. It is a must try on the list, where you can make a splash and enjoy the beats of the Bunny DJ I-MAN. Little ones can enjoy with Roxity Mini Fun Fair, Easter Bunny Cookie Making, and the Roxity Easter Egg Hunting.

Thrill-seekers can join the Easter Limbo Challenger at the Pool Deck. You can also try out hand at the Bunny Silk Climbing Aerial Class at The Stage.

Koimala & Maalimi’s Junior Beach Club and Camp’s SAiissational Easter Line-Up

Celebrate this Easter with a touch of heartfelt Cham at SAii Lagoon Maldives. You can start you day with a snorkelling house reef tour. With this tour you can explore the vibrant underwater world of The Maldives. You can also join for Aqua Zumba and Water Polo at the Beach Club Pool. Unwind with a cocktail-making competition and pool volleyball. This activities are perfect for guests of all ages to enjoy some fun in the sun.

For the aspiring culinary artists, SAii Master Chef competition sets the perfect stage. Here aspiring chefs get to showcase their culinary skills and win fantastic awards. As the day winds dow, indulge in the Easter Dinner Buffet at Terra and Mar, offering a delightful dining experience with live music. With its relaxed atmosphere and genuine hospitality, Easter at SAii Lagoon Maldives promises a truly SAiiSational experience. Here, every moment is a chance to reach out to the blue and embrace the beauty of the island.

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