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Lufthansa to Restart Operations to the Maldives on 28th October 2020

Lufthansa plane
MACL has revealed that the German Airline, Lufthansa will restart operations to the Maldives from 28th October 2020.

The Maldives Airports Company (MACL) has revealed that the German Airline, Lufthansa will restart operations to the Maldives from 28th October 2020. According to MACL, the airline will operate two weekly flights to the Maldives.

MACL tweeted that Lufthansa will operate flights between Frankfurt, Germany to the Maldives. Furthermore, the second-largest airline in Europe will operate flights to the Maldives on Wednesdays and Sundays. In addition to Lufthansa, FlyDubai will also recommence its operations to the Maldives on 27th October 2020. According to MACL, FlyDubai will operate 4 flights a week to the island archipelago.

Lufthansa revealed in a press release that the airline expects demand for air travel to remain low in the coming winter months. This is due to the global evolution of the pandemic and the associated travel restrictions. According to current planning, the Group’s airlines will only offer a maximum of 25% of the previous year’s capacity in the fourth quarter to ensure that flight operations continue to generate a positive cash contribution.

The subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, Austrian Airlines Resumed flights to the Maldives yesterday, 25th October 2020. The airline is operating direct flights between Vienna, Austria and Velana International Airport. In addition to that, Italy’s leisure airline ‘Neos’ revealed to start operations to the Maldives as well. Meanwhile, Air Seychelles has also announced to start direct flights from Johannesburg to the Maldives.

Maldives’ Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom tweeted that the restarting of flights between Austria and Maldives yesterday by Austrian Airlines established yet another significant connection between the Maldives and Europe. Likewise, the Minister thanked Austrian Airlines and MACL.

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Several airlines will resume flights to the Maldives in the coming months. A total of 27,217 tourists arrived in the Maldives during the first three months after the border reopened. In addition to that, the island archipelago recorded 8,350 tourist arrivals from 1st October to 15th October 2020 as well.

Feature image by Lufthansa
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Canareef Resort Maldives Goes Green: Embracing Solar Panels for a Sustainable Future

The Maldives has been moving towards embracing a more sustainable future, and here is Canareef Resort Maldives' contribution!

Canareef Resort Maldives just took a bold move towards embracing a more sustainable future for the resort. The resort has just announced its initiative to install 720 solar panels on the property, marking a significant step in reducing its carbon footprint.

The final installation process for the solar panels is scheduled to be completed within one month. With this, Canareef Resort Maldives will be taking a major step towards environmental stewardship and responsible tourism practices. Upon completion, the solar panels are projected to generate an impressive 400kw of power. This will be a major contribution towards the resort’s energy needs.

This initiative extends beyond the guest area, as the solar panels cover the resort as well. With the solar panels, Canareef Resort Maldives will have a renewable energy source for various operations throughout the resort. In addition to this being a step towards sustainable tourism in the country, this will also integrate sustainability into the guest experience. Upon completion, the solar panels will provide sustainable energy to everything from the accommodation to the recreational facilities as well.

Additionally, the solar panels are also expected to reduce 10% of the fuel consumption at Canareef Resort Maldives.

About Canareef Resort Maldives

Canareef Resort Maldives is located in the southernmost atoll of the Maldives. This resort offers guests 271 beach villas, 2 restaurants, and three bars to enjoy. The resort is surrounded by turquoise waters, and 25 different dive spots guests can explore. Additionally, historical sites are abundant and protected areas guests can learn about as well.

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