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LUX* North Male Appoints Taylor Shearman as Executive Chef

Taylor Shearman
LUX* North Male Atoll Resort & Villas announced the appointment of Taylor Shearman as its new Executive Chef.

LUX* North Male Atoll Resort & Villas announced the appointment of Taylor Shearman as its new Executive Chef. In her new role, Taylor will oversee the Resort’s culinary experience.

According to the resort, Taylor started her cooking career by becoming a kitchen apprentice in some of the best restaurants in Australia. Her talent was clear from the beginning and she was afforded the opportunity to use her extra time in the kitchen to learn directly from the best chefs about the wonders of many different cuisines. She then moved on to luxury hotels around Turks and Caicos before arriving to the Maldives.

Chef Taylor brings proven expertise and an insightful connection to the Maldives that will honour the exceptional food status while bringing an original experience to LUX* North Male Atoll’s culinary journey.

John Rogers, General Manager of LUX* North Male Atoll.

Guiding and inspiring her team is Taylor’s principal motivation. And after nearly a decade of international moves Taylor Shearman is excited to now call LUX* North Male Atoll Resort her ‘home’. Likewise, when not cooking for esteemed guests, the chef loves to dive and explore the underwater world.

Cooking is all about transmission. My greatest pleasure is being able to transmit the passion I have for food and for cooking to future generations of great chefs. There is no better place to do this than with a talented team like at LUX* North Male Atoll.

Taylor Shearman, Executive Chef of LUX* North Male Atoll.

From the Peruvian Japanese iconic restaurant INTI with a prepared-in-front-of-you sushi bar, you can travel the globe at GLOW, as the resort showcases the best of European classics, Italian and Spanish delicacies through to South-East Asian specialities.

If you want to learn more about LUX* North Male, visit or contact the reservations team at or +960 668 2600.

Feature image by LUX* North Male

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The first-ever Sea-to-Air Cargo Transshipment Commenced in the Maldives!

Velana Airport has announced the first-ever sea-to-air cargo transshipment along with Turkish Airlines, Maldives Ports Limited and Maldives Customs Service. This major step in cargo transhipment in the Maldives was celebrated on the 17th of May at the airport.

The  MoU for the ‘Sea to Air’ cargo transshipment services were signed earlier this year, on March 30th. With this, Turkish Airlines became the cargo partner to facilitate the service along with the Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).

With the transshipment service, MPL can easily transport goods through both seas as well as air travel. In addition to catering to the needs of businesses and industries in the region, this will also help expedite the carrying of goods from one place to another. According to the Turkish Airlines’ Regional Cargo Manager for Sri Lanka and Maldives Bilal Okur, this will help the airline’s target to develop the Maldives into a sea-to-air transshipment hub.

This innovative logistics solution is expected to significantly boost the efficiency of cargo movement. Additionally, this may also see the enhancement of trade opportunities for the Maldives.

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