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Patina Maldives Invites Guests to Celebrate the Year of the Dagon

Chinese New Year celebrations at Patina Maldives
Patina Maldives invites guests to celebrate the Lunar New Year as the resort artfully weaves together traditions with a contemporary flair

Patina Maldives is set to captivate guests with a festive Lunar New Year Celebration from February 9 to 16, 2024. The unveiled a seamless fusions of familial bonds, joyous celebrations, and enriching wellness experiences for all its guests.

The curated festivities at Patina Maldives seamlessly blend contemporary luxury with traditional charm. This year, the resort promises an unparalleled Lunar New Year experience for its guests.

Ignite the Spirits of Celebration

Kick off the festivities with the mesmerising Lion Dance Troupe. This captivating performance heralds the auspicious arrival of the Lunar New Year.

Crafting Family Fun & More

The resort has curated a special program of activities for families and children this year. Families can also partake in activities such as seasonal lantern-making, family movie nights and traditional dumpling-making. There is so much more to explore to keep the little ones engaged such as Chinese zodiac bingo and more! These activities are curated to make the best memories with your family this New Year.

Unforgettable Culinary Experiences

Enjoy the summer hotpot experiences, bleeding the finest Eastern flavours in savoury and spicy broths. On February 9th, Portico invites guests to enjoy a delectable Asian Fusion dinner. Enjoy delectable food with live music and stand a chance to win a gift at the exciting lucky draw!

Partake in the traditional prosperity toss, a Cantonese-style raw fish and salad ritual symbolizing good luck and prosperity. Raise a glass to prosperity with the beverage offerings at Veli Bar, Wok Society, and Portico, featuring a selection of craft beers to toast to the new year ahead.

Mindful Rest and Eastern Wellness

Take this opportunity to disconnect from all external influences with the sensory deprivation tank. Enclosed in serene silence, the Sensory Deprivation Tank allows for improved sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced spiritual clarity.

You can also book a session with one of the world’s most discerning Eastern wellness series, David Melladew for private one-on-one wellness consultations and personalized treatments. Furthermore, you can also Immerse yourself in Qigong Classes, embracing the ancient art of moving meditation, fostering mental calmness, improved balance, and enhanced body coordination.

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Celebrate Easter at Bandos Maldives: Fun for All Ages!

Bandos Maldives announces its Easter Eggstravaganza.

Are you ready for an exciting Easter at Bandos Maldives on March 30th? This Easter, Bandos Maldives is set to bring unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages. The resort will feature an array of exciting activities to bring joy to the holiday festivities!

Eggstaravagant Activities at Bandos this Easter

Step into Kokko Club Playground for a world of fun at the Mini Carnival. Enjoy to your heart’s content and test your luck and skill at the Blackout Bingo Bonanza. Dab your way to your victory, and test out just how good your skills are!

Additionally, Bandos Maldives also brings a little something for those with a creative spirit. The Easter Art painting sessions are the perfect way for artists to paint their way into the spring season. For adventure seekers, Bandos is bringing a thrilling Bunny Trail Adventure. Join the epic Bunny Hint challenge and locate all the hidden bunnies lurking around the Kokko club.

These extraordinary experiences are perfect for families looking for an exciting Easter at Bandos. Not only is the resort the perfect place to make memories to last a lifetime, but Bandos is also easily accessible to guests who have not made Easter plans yet. Located just a few minutes away from the Airport, Bandos provides the perfect island hospitality to its guests. Pack your bags, get Easter ready and hop on to an adventure at Kokko Club!

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