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Splendid Asia – All The Travel Help Provided Under One Roof

birds eye view image of a madivian resort with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches
If you are the kind of person who loves planning vacations to Maldives and hits the Internet for all the information, Splendid Asia is the one

If you are the kind of person who loves planning vacations to Maldives and hits the Internet for all the information, Splendid Asia is one name you may have frequently came across. For those of you, who don’t know much about them; Splendid Asia is a well-established tour-operator based in the Maldives. Started in 2006, this organization has been dedicated to offering cutting-edge travel services to their clients based in different nooks of the world. They have garnered several applauses when it comes to staying updated with the newest travel trends and providing solutions.

They make it a point to offer customized travel packages and services to their clients. Be it about exotic sandy beaches, eccentric sceneries, or adventure activities, the experts at Splendid Asia will fish out the best deals in no time.

Talking about their booking process, in this era of technology, they have created a striking balance. Though they have an automated booking system, their agents lead the entire process of selecting and crafting a package. Splendid Asia understands that tour operators are more than just binary codes and wireless networks, which is why they offer services with unmatched passion and dedication.

Let us walk you through 10 simple reasons that make Splendid Asia one of the most prominent among the all tour operators in Maldives:

1. Knowledge and Personal Experience:

The agents at Splendid Asia have been in the travel industry for several years. They have closely studied the art of putting together a perfect holiday. With their experience and knowledge, they put forth the best in delivering a tailored travel package before you. They are known for analyzing the personal choices and preferences before offering a solution to the clients.

2. Competence:

They are competent in the way they have established their ties with the clients and big travel companies, resorts etc. This approach helps them cater to all the needs of their clients. An example would be them being able to make that ‘sold out’ room or adjoining rooms available for your family trip.

3. Situation Containment:

The team at Splendid Asia have many tricks up their sleeve; including ‘the fixer’ if at any point your vacation is disrupted. They know how to take advantage of the constant transactions between them and the proprietors. So, that makes them capable to fix unpleasant, if any, faced by the tourists.

4. The Best Deals:

Acclaimed tour operators such as Splendid Asia have access to perks that can add up to saving a lot of money. They can fish out the best deals for you in terms of free room upgrades, beneficial spa treatments, food, and beverage credits.

5. Time Saving:

Most individuals, who go seeking on the Internet to find options for their vacations, usually go in blindly. As a result, they end up on the web for hours or even days running through their options and wasting precious time. By choosing Splendid Asia, they will be assigned an agent, who ask them about the personal interests and use would use his vast spectrum of knowledge to come up with the perfect holiday plan in the shortest amount of time.

6. Always a Guaranteed Security:

Splendid Asia works hard to try and avoid this all together, but if there were ever a situation where something should go wrong in your trip, you can rely on them to assist you. Their team would suggest and help arrange alternative preparations to not let your trip be annihilated.

7. Keeping up with Travel Trends:

As the travel industry is their trade, Splendid Asia is always up-to-date and aware of the current trends in tourism. They know what new resorts have opened up, the activities that guests enjoy during a particular season, where to get the best food and more.

8. No Extra Cost:

Most resorts and hotels have a uniformly set price, whether the booking is done by the guests themselves or through an agent. Meaning that even if you decided to book your trip yourself or go through an agent, it is invariable. The advantage you get with Splendid Asia is that you don’t have to do any of the work. They’ll manage everything for you at no extra cost.

9. Precise Pairing:

Splendid Asia travel agents put in those extra efforts to make sure the personal needs of the client are fulfilled. They will go through all the options that are available and choose the ones that fit your taste and budget.

10. A Great Agent is Forever:

When you find that the excellent planning owed to your Splendid Asia travel agent has enhanced your holiday. You find reason to call them back for the next trip! You will never want to give up their services. Travel costs could certainly be your biggest elective spend in a given year, you would want to make sure the large sum you spend on it is worthwhile. Splendid Asia aims to have as many clients as such.

As a leading tour operator in the Maldives. Splendid Asia offers many advantages such as best rates, 100% secure online payments, real-time booking confirmations and technology-friendly services. With more than 10 years of experience, Splendid Asia offers a wide range of sartorial packages from customers seeking budget travelling to luxury. They offer 24-hour airport services and their agents are always available, on standby. Their representative office and branches are globally accessible. Splendid Asia employs a multilingual team in order to cater to clients from different nationalities.

Think no more and plan you next Asian escapade with Splendid Asia to experience the most splendid side of Asia.

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Celebrate Easter at Bandos Maldives: Fun for All Ages!

Bandos Maldives announces its Easter Eggstravaganza.

Are you ready for an exciting Easter at Bandos Maldives on March 30th? This Easter, Bandos Maldives is set to bring unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages. The resort will feature an array of exciting activities to bring joy to the holiday festivities!

Eggstaravagant Activities at Bandos this Easter

Step into Kokko Club Playground for a world of fun at the Mini Carnival. Enjoy to your heart’s content and test your luck and skill at the Blackout Bingo Bonanza. Dab your way to your victory, and test out just how good your skills are!

Additionally, Bandos Maldives also brings a little something for those with a creative spirit. The Easter Art painting sessions are the perfect way for artists to paint their way into the spring season. For adventure seekers, Bandos is bringing a thrilling Bunny Trail Adventure. Join the epic Bunny Hint challenge and locate all the hidden bunnies lurking around the Kokko club.

These extraordinary experiences are perfect for families looking for an exciting Easter at Bandos. Not only is the resort the perfect place to make memories to last a lifetime, but Bandos is also easily accessible to guests who have not made Easter plans yet. Located just a few minutes away from the Airport, Bandos provides the perfect island hospitality to its guests. Pack your bags, get Easter ready and hop on to an adventure at Kokko Club!

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