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05 Indian Celebrities that Visited Maldives in October 2021

Top 05 Indian Celebrities that Visited Maldives in October 2021
Indian celebrities have been flocking to the Maldives, some stars having visited the sunny side of life multiple times in the past year.

Indian celebrities have been flocking to the Maldives since the ease of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Some stars have visited the sunny side of life multiple times in the past year. So it would not be wrong to say that the Maldives has become the preferred holiday destination for the hottest Indian celebrities. Here are five personalities that visited Maldives in the month of October 2021.

1. Bipasha Basu

2. Karan Singh Grover

3. Vidyullekha Raman

4. Alaya F

5. Aakanksha Singh

As travel restrictions are lifted and the world moves towards the new normal, Maldives remains as one of the safest luxury holiday destinations due to the unique one island, one resort concept. The scattered islands offer the utmost privacy and breathtaking views, making for the ideal vacation. So it is unsurprising why India continues to dominate Maldives’ tourist market.

While the archipelago is one of the top destinations for Indian celebrities, many have been calling the Maldives the new Goa. And it is not just Indian celebrities. Many international stars have landed in the atolls as of recent. The most notable is Russian actress turned cosmonaut, Yulia Peresild. After concluding filming for the first-ever feature film shot in space, she took a much-needed break at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa.

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Football Legends Holidays in the Maldives: 2023 Edition

Over the past few years, Maldives has become a favourite spot for all travellers alike.

With the country garnering popularity over the years, one group of travellers who have started to vacation in the country have also gained quite a bit of attention. Over the past few years, world-renowned footballers have started coming to the Maldives, not only to partner with resorts but also to unwind and enjoy their holidays. There were a handful of footballers who were spotted in the Maldives in the past year itself.

Annual Football Camp with Gary Cahill and Wayne Bridge

If you are a lover of the England football team, Gary Cahill and Wayne Bridge must be familiar names. The football legends took over Siyam World just last year for an annual football camp which took place in the summer. What better way for a football lover to spend their holidays than playing off with the best of the best?

During their stay, Gary Cahill and Wayne Bridges shared his expertise and coaching tips with.

Spanish footballer Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma

Pedro Rodíguez is a popular footballer among all FC Barcelona supporters. He is also a popular name in the football scene as Pedro was the first player in history to score in six different official competitions in one season.

It was no surprise when Pedro Rodíguez and his girlfriend came to visit the Maldives for the holiday, it garnered a lot of attention. The pair spent their holidays in a resort located near the capital city. During their stay, Pedro and his girlfriend also took some time to explore popular locations in Male’ City such as the President’s Office and the Friday Mosque.

Manchester City’s legendary goalkeeper, Ederson Santana de Moraes

Ederson Santana de Moraes and his family were spotted at Kandima Maldives in July 2023. During this island-style break, the staff at Kandima Maldives got the amazing opportunity to play along with Ederson! This was a rare opportunity that many would hope to get, as Ederson Moraes took this opportunity to sign autographs for fans as well.

Joe Gomez Vacations at Kandima Maldives

Kandima Maldives definitely appears to be a footballer’s favourite destination. English footballer Joe Gomez and wife also took a much-needed vacation to Kandima Maldives, during which they stayed in the aqua villa. Along with them also came the younglings. Gomez noted that the girls stayed in a studio suite while the youngest shared the aqua villa with the couple.

Children’s football camp with Robert Green

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences marked their easter with the arrival of former English Premier League player Robert Green. Green’s Football Camo at Amilla Maldives was particularly exciting for the youngsters. In addition to kickstarting Easter with his football sessions, Robert also provided a two-hour Masterclass Boot Camp every day from April 7th to April 11th!

German legend Lukas Podolski at Heritence Aarah

German footballer, known and loved by many, took to Heritence Aarah to play a friendly match with a team of eager young players from Meedhu Island. In addition to the joyous match where Podolski offered tips and tricks, the youngsters also got a personally signed jersey.

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