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Tourism Minister Participates in 6th Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meeting

maldives tourism minister participating in 6th Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meeting
Maldives Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has participated in the 6th Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meeting.

Maldives Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has participated in the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s 6th Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meeting. According to a tweet by the Ministry of Tourism, discussions were focused on coordinated, resilient, and safer tourism. Furthermore, discussions also involved formulating and implementing a harmonized protocol for travel.

The Global Tourism Crisis Committee Meeting brings together key UN agencies, the chairs of its Executive Council and Regional Commissions, and private sector leaders. Tourism is the economic sector that has been hardest hit by COVID-19. Thus, the UNWTO-led Committee holds these regular virtual meetings.

According to the figures by the Ministry of Tourism, as of 14th October 2020, Maldives has recorded 26,720 tourist arrivals since the border reopening. In addition to that, Russia was the leading tourist source market with 4,817 tourist arrivals. Ministry predicts that with the resumption of guesthouses, tourist arrivals will further increase as well. For now, guesthouses outside the Greater Male’ Region are open for tourists.

This month, from 1st to 3rd October 2020, the island archipelago welcomed 1,817 tourists. While from 4th to 10th October, Maldives recorded 3,867 tourist arrivals. In addition to that, from 11th to 14th October, the country recorded 2,169 tourist arrivals with a daily average of 542 tourists.

Earlier, Tourism Minister, Mausoom has also revealed in a tweet that over 55% of tourist beds are now operational in the Maldives. And the country has extended the entrance PCR test validity period from 72 hours to 96 hours. This extension solves the inconvenience of weekend overlap for PCR test results. Thus, the extension is an advantage for those who have to take flights on weekends or a Monday.

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Tourist arrivals to the Maldives have been gradually increasing since the border reopening on 15th July 2020. Maldives tourism ministry hopes to make the island archipelago a safe destination for travelers while keeping the momentum going.

Feature image by the Ministry of Tourism via Twitter
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An Invite to the Front Row: SO/ Maldives Grand Opening Party!

SO/Maldives proudly announces the grand opening party of its exquisite runway.

SO/ Maldives is set to host its grand opening on March 23, 2024. This much-anticipated event of the season is titled ‘An Invite to the Front Row’. The event promises a soirée of collaborative elegance for an unforgettable glamorous experience for its guests.

The Grand Opening Party – An Invite to the Front Row

The grand opening party is set to be a feast for your senses. The resort is bringing culinary delights, fashion-forward statements, avant-garde designs and artistic flair. With this, SO/ Maldives invites guests to take a seat in the front row and witness the convergence of global talent and Maldivian charm.

An invite to the Front Row encapsulates the essence of SO/Maldives- a convergence of global excellence set against the unparalleled beauty of our island. We extend an exclusive invitation to our guests to us on this extraordinary journey with incredible collaborations providing them a truly glamorous stay while embracing our DNA, says Jesper Soerensen – General Manager of SO/Maldives.

Experience one of the First-International Fashion Shows in the Maldives with Milin!

SO/ Maldives will unveil its inaugural fashion show, considered to be one of the first international fashion shows in the Maldives. As the island turns into an oceanfront runway, guests can witness the harmonious blend of haute couture and paradisical setting. The fashion show will showcase the swimwear collection debuted by the esteemed Thai fashion house, Milin.

Partnership with Riffath

SO/ Maldives is partnering with local talent Riffath. Riffath is a distinguished Maldivian High Fashion Brand, launching its exclusive SO/Maldives’ Flying Dress Edits. The resort is also teaming up with Timeless Maldives Photo Studio. The resort’s guests are empowered to unleash their inner models for a bespoke once-in-a-lifetime photo and drone shoot, adorned in a gown with an extended hem that gratefully dances in the wind.

Beach Takeover with Veuve Clicquot Champagne House

Veuve Cliquot Champagne House is taking over the beach at SO/ Maldives to bring an exquisite evening. The beach glam-up is done with the Lazuli Beach Club Bar for a memorable night that redefined elegance and indulgence!

Culinary Delights with Chef Dharshan Munidasa

Chef Dharshan Munidasa, a dual Sri Lankan – Japanese heritage chef hailed for his accolades commands the spotlight at SO/ Maldives. Chef Dharshan’s menu is set to redefine conventional boundaries. Guests are invited to enjoy the exquisite flavours at the Ministry of Crab, Nihonashi Blue, and Carne Diem Grill.

To add to this, Jenna Hemsworth, Australia’s most influential and award-winning female bartender also showcases her creativity. Jenna will be taking over the bar to craft expertly curated cocktails.

Musical Bliss with world-class DJs

Guests are welcome to enjoy a series of live performances from world-class musicians and DJs. Groove to the innovative beats of one of the leading Maldivin bands, YJ Hameed Music. The vibes are set to create a rhythm that resonates with the spirit of the island’s spirit. Lydia Sarunrat Deane, a Thai sensation will also be filling the air with enchanting melodies. End the night as DJ Karrouhat from Dubai takes everyone on an electrifying-after party journey.

The Grand Opening Party will be hosted by Matthew Deane, a well-known Thai-Australian singer, model, actor and television presenter.

Exclusive Wellness & Fitness Retreats

Embark on a transformative fitness journey with the introduction of a week-long detox and fun session by Jumping Fitness, an innovative fitness regimen that originated in the Czech Republic. In collaboration with London-based wellness partner salon C. Steller, renowned for its modern approach to wellness, the resort is set to launch new spa experiences that promise ultimate rejuvenation.

Earth Hour

SO/ Maldives invites guests to experience an eco-conscious revelry. Guests are welcome to enjoy the beauty of nature intertwines with the joy of celebration. Witness as the island runway dims, unveiling a beach bonfire beneath the starlit sky. Immense in the rhythmic beats of Maldivian Boduberu and the serene glow.

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