In the 21st century, the world is taken by mass challenges to survive in all ways possible, economically, socially, and environmentally. In the midst of the global pandemic radically transforming society, the earth itself continues to steadily depreciate. Sustainable no longer defines as ‘zero-waste’. It focuses on minimalism; cutting out needless buys. Reducing consumption in general, allowing consumers to reuse everyday items rather than purchase unnecessarily.

Thus, today’s businesses are under the spotlight like never before. They are widening their focus beyond profit, to consider how they can create value in society and thrive in future. This in turn shows their respective target audiences and the public itself the importance of being sustainable to protect the earth from further depreciating in nature. The International Maldives Travel Market (IMTM) plans to do just that. Which is done by initiating the practise of sustainability through their marketing campaigns for the IMTM 2020 event.

There is a fall in the travel industry with significant declines across demand, occupancy, ADR, and revenue in 2020. This has led firms to freeze their marketing budgets especially on material production related to events. Instead, more companies opt for sustainable and technologically advanced methods to appeal to the attention of customers. This has been the case for IMTM as well.

The campaign initiated by IMTM aims to go eco-friendly by reusing their previous billboard posters for promotions, rather than causing wastage of materials by creating new posters every year. Not only is this cost-efficient for the business, but recycling such materials cut down on their carbon footprint; the number of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by activity or action.

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IMTM aims to convey through their message, Reuse, Revive, Reconnect and Grow, that any materials including disposable plastics, paper or fabrics can be either replaced by more sustainable options or simply recycle and reuse, especially objects that are still good in terms of quality, performance, and appearance.

Feature image by IMTM