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World’s Largest Startup Competition – Seedstars World comes to the Maldives

seedstars global winners in Argentina
Dhiraagu and Sparkhub are digitally bringing the Online Seedstars World Competition to the Maldives.

Dhiraagu and Sparkhub are digitally bringing the Online Seedstars World (SSW) Competition to the Maldives for the first time and will be held exclusively online. Seedstars, the Swiss-based private company with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets and the Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 – Maldives edition, is an open call to all interested tech-based startups from all over the Maldives to sign up and join.

The winning startup of SSW – Maldives will get access to global mentoring opportunities, the chance to be a part of the ten startups selected by Seedstars for a USD 50K growth program investment as well as compete for the Global Winner investment prize of up to USD 500K as part of this global competition The competition is looking for technology startups, tech-enabled ventures, and/or early-stage companies that fit the following criteria:

  • must have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Initial traction with their users
  • Ongoing operations based in the country/city of application
  • Must have no previous investments larger than USD 1 million up to date of application

As the open-call for the Seedstars World Competition has now launched, we could not be prouder to support a community that is eager and capable of taking concrete and constructive steps. By remaining independent while always standing in solidarity, we aim to go beyond physical interactions in order to create impact on broader society.

Said Pierre-Alain Masson, Co-Founder of Seedstars

Every year, Seedstars seeks out the most promising startups in emerging markets to join its global community and accelerate them through their programs and investments. Organizing local competitions in 94 cities in emerging markets, Seedstars has opened the applications for startups until August 15th. The company will then train more than 1,800 startups through the Online Seedstars Academy and select one local startup winner per city to take part in the Regional stage competition. The startups selected for each region will then compete at the Grand Finale to be held in April 2021.

We hope that the promising tech startups from Maldives do not miss this wonderful opportunity to represent the country in this global competition, get international exposure and access to valuable opportunities. Dhiraagu has been focusing in supporting startup programmes to help foster the local startup culture and innovation.

Athifa Ali, Director Corporate Services at Dhiraagu said.

Sparkhub has worked on bringing the world best brands relating to Startup development to Maldives and with Seedstars, we are finally able to bring something which the established Startups of Maldives could reap benefits from and penetrate into a global market through mentorship and investment opportunities.

Hussain Jinan, Co-Founder and CEO of Sparkhub said

To apply, simply visit the Online Seedstars World Competition 2020/21 Maldives page by clicking HERE.

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Apple Rumoured to Embrace RCS in 2024 – Find Out the Latest Updates!

Do you use WhatsApp or Telegram? Or are you an iMessage user?

Finding common ground to create a group chat can be a tricky task. For most iPhone users, the go-to messaging platform is usually iMessages. Although Apple has created this ease for texting between iPhone users, iMessage is unavailable across platforms. This has created the difficulty in reaching to your friends who use Google or Android phones. Now, you’re either left resorting to SMS, or other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. But what if there was one single solution for it all – the RCS (Rich Communication Services)

What is RCS?

Although this might be the first time many of us heard the phrase RCS, this messaging channel is not new. RCS or Rich Communication Services was first conceived years ago, but it’s finally gaining popularity. RCS messaging is the upgrade that users need to get the same features available on iMessage. Unlike the iMessage system, RCS creates the perfect single-platform messaging App.

With the new RCS update, users can explore a variety of messaging features. Everything from sending and receiving large files such as high-resolution pictures and videos, read receipts, reactions, and typing indicators are all available!

But why are we hearing about this just now? Well, Google decided to add RCS to its default messaging Apps. With this new update, RCS became a popular hit, with Google reporting 650 million users monthly. Google data additionally shows that people are 35x more likely to read RCS messages than emails, while also using RCS messages to engage with brands. Here is how you can turn on RCS messaging as well!

Gone are the days of struggling to create a group chat with a combination of Android and Apple users. This addition has created the perfect single-platform messaging App, the days of struggling to text between users of different branded phones are a thing of the past. Although Google has taken the bold step to embrace RCS messaging, allowing users to enjoy the exceptional features, what’s the update on Apple?

Will Apple Embrace the RCS Messaging Platform?

There have been rumours that Apple is ready to embrace the RCS messaging platform in 2024. According to 9to5mac, the RCS feature is set to launch via a software update later this year. This would completely remove the barrier of iMessage features between Android and iPhone users.

Later next year, we will be adding the support for RCS Universal Profile, the standards as currently published by the GSM Association. We believe RCS Universal Profile will offer a better interoperability experience when compared to SMS or MMS. This will work alongside iMessage, which will continue to be the best and most secure messaging experience for Apple users, says an Apple Spokesperson talking to 9to5mac in November 2023.

Does this mean Apple is replacing iMessage? Of course not. Apple continues to reiterate that iMessage is the safest messaging platform for Apple users. RCS, if available on Apple later this year, will be adopted separately from iMessage. This will open up new horizons for communications and group chats in 2024!

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