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A Conversation With Alaa; Leading the Way For Women In Aviation

Alaa from FLYME , a woman in veil looking out of a airplane window
Alaa has been with Flyme for almost seven years now. She has shown that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything!

Alaa has been with Flyme for almost seven years. She has shown that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything! With a friendly and outgoing personality, Alaa has worked extremely hard to be where she is today. Read through as she explains her journey through Flyme.


“My name is Aishath Alaa Abdul Hannan. I have been an employee at Villa Air Flyme for almost 07 years. I joined as a Reservation & Ticketing Assistant right after completing my A’ Levels, and now I am the Assistant Manager of the lucrative Scheduling & Capacity department.“

Ever since I was a child, I have had a keen interest in the aviation industry, so being able to work here as part of the OCC platform of such a prestigious company has been a dream come true for me.

The line of work which I am responsible for is truly of my area of expertise. Time management and building healthy client – service provider relations are a part of my day-to-day tasks, which I look forward to daily. As an outgoing and a person with a happy demeanor, I pride myself in maintaining personal contact with our clients to make sure the services we provide are up-to their standards, and to make sure the guests are fully satisfied with a wonderful ‘Flyme’ experience – to deliver upon our motto, to ‘fly you in style’. I take it upon myself to make sure that we are always on hand, to serve our beloved clients with the highest level of competency and efficacy they so truly deserve.

Aishath Alaa and a colleague from Flyme.

Professional Journey

The beginning of my journey started when I joined Flyme on the 07th of January 2013 as a Reservation & Ticketing Assistant. I was one of the first scheduler’s appointed after the formation of the Scheduling & Capacity department in Male’. In 2015, I received my first promotion, from an assistant to an officer where I stayed in the role till February 2017. In the same year, due to a structural change in operations of the company, I got the opportunity to explore the technical aspect of the airline operation. This was by transferring to the Flight Operations department as an officer, where I went on to acquire my Flight Dispatch License.

After one and half years of working in Flight Ops, I was promoted to a Flight Dispatch Supervisor. Not long after that, I got an offer to be where I am today; as the Assistant Manager of the Scheduling & Capacity Department.

The main advice I would give to aspiring aviators is to be patient and be passionate about the industry. As the old saying goes, ’patience is a virtue,’ success does not come overnight, you must work hard and with diligence, and verily, you will be a successful person in aviation. Every person you meet provides you a new insight of this ever growing industry, no matter if it is from your senior or from a fellow colleague, keep an open mind as you never know how it will impact your career in the future.”

Aishath Alaa Abdul Hannan, Assistant Manager of the Scheduling & Capacity Department – Flyme

About The Job

The main responsibility I have is monitoring and managing the most valuable asset of our inventory; our aircrafts. It is also under my belt to make sure the clients we serve are pleased with the level of service provided while keeping track of the status of our fleet.

The schedules made by my staff are constantly being monitored to ensure that it caters to both our operational requirements, while meeting our commercial expectations. I am also tasked with over-seeing my wonderful set of staff, who maintain close contact with our clients to provide a stress-free and personalized experience when dealing with the transfers of our valuable guests.

Future Goal

My future goal in this field of work is to be a reputed and respected woman, who leads by example, a person to be looked up to. By working as an Assistant Manager of such a lucrative department, I am hoping to be well known among my colleagues in the aviation industry and beyond.

Women in Maldives

I see no reason why Maldivian women, or any woman to not reach the highest positions in the aviation industry. As I do not believe that this industry can segregate the successes of an individual based on their gender. Regardless of what industry a person works in, I believe that, determination, perseverance and having a set target would help them achieve greatness. I have had the opportunity to work with inspirational women in my time in Villa Air. Aviators such as Villa Air’s Cabin Crew Manager, Liusha and Assistant Manager of Safety and Compliance, Sameeha – who is Maldives’s first female pilot, are people who I aspire to be, among the elite in the aviation industry. That being said, a measure of a person’s success does not rely on their gender, rather their passion and effort they put in to attaining what they set out to accomplish.

The article was originally published in FIYA Magazine, Issue 10, Published by MVHOTELS.

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Meet Adam Afsan: The New Director of Sales at Siyam World

Siyam World announces the promotion of Adam Afsan to Director of Sales at the resort!

Adams joined Siyam World in April 2021 with an extensive career spanning over a decade in the hospitality industry. Originally joining Siyam World as the Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing, Adam is now starting his journey as Director of Sales at the resort. With this appointment, Adam brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role.

Adam’s Journey

Adam has held positions at several esteemed resorts. From 2017 to 2018, he held the position of Director of Revenue at Kanuhura. Here, he successfully implemented revenue management strategies to maximise profitability. In addition to this, Adam also spent almost 5 years at Six Senses Laamu. At this resort, he worked as a Reservations Executive and progressed to various roles including Assistant Reservations Manager, Reservations Manager, Revenue Manager, and ultimately Sales Manager.

Adam also has experience working with the renowned brand Soneva, where he played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth and enhancing brand visibility.

We are thrilled to announce Adan Afsan’s promotion to Director of Sales at Siyam World. Adan’s proven track record of driving results and his deep understanding of the hospitality industry make him the idea candidate to lead our sales and marketing efforts. We are confidents that under his leadership, Siyam World will continue to thrive and reach new heights of success, says Deepak Booneady – CEO at Sun Siyam Resorts.

In his new capacity as Director of Sales at Siyam World, Adam will lead the sales and marketing team in the Maldives. He will be responsible for crafting and executing robust sales and marketing strategies to drive business growth.

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