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Benefits of Travel Insurance for Any Trip

Every savvy traveller knows the importance of securing their trip with travel insurance.

‘Add on travel insurance’ is something we often see when we are booking our hotels or our tickets to the next dream destination. Although savvy travellers are quite familiar with the benefits of travel insurance, for those who just started exploring the world it might seem like something easily dismissible. There are actually quite a few benefits to securing your travel insurance before your next trip, whether that is to The Bahamas or the Maldives.

Why Travel Insurance is so Important

1. Protecting Your Travel Itinerary with Insurance

A good trip takes weeks, months and sometimes years of planning. Everything from flights, accommodation, your bags and activities are all all curated to cater the whole group to create lasting memories. Although trips are always planned to perfection, it’s always good to have a safety net for those unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance ensures that your dream vacation does not turn into a financial nightmare. Whether you gets a sudden illness, your trip gets cancelled, or even lost baggage, travel insurance provides that financial cushion.

2. Medical Emergencies Abroad

Getting sick abroad is one of the biggest travel nightmares for many. While our destinations are a haven of serenity, we often feel lost and confused after getting sick in a foreign country. A good insurance covers medical expenses. Meaning the insurance ensures the best possible care is provided without having to worry about the unimaginable costs.

3. Delayed Flights and Trip Interruptions

Oftentimes our trips include connecting flights and other transfers. And no matter how much you look into the weather forecast, there might be weather disruptions and other glitches that can lead to delayed and missed connections. With a good travel insurance policy you can get coverage for the additional expenses that are occurred during such disruptions, such as accommodations to meals and alternative transportation. This way, you can ensure that no matter the difficulties, your trip remains on track!

Although travel insurance might be a bit of an investment, its a crucial step in ensuring a worry-free trip. As you prepare to venture out on your journey, safeguard yourself from unexpected twists and turns to create long-lasting memories!

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What Are Some Things You Must Pack For a Trip?

When booking the perfect trip, we all look into the perfect travel bag, travel visa and travel cards. But there is so much more to packing for a trip than the essentials. We might know the perfect clothes and the cheapest flights to book to a destination. But, some essentials could make or break a trip. Imagine you book a trip to the Maldives and you forget to bring your charging cable. Although it’s easy to drop by a shop to get a new charger, the stress is just not worth it. This is why so many people have made lists before their trip. Well, we’ve made our list of some extras that can amp up your next trip to any destination.

Apple AirTag

We’ve all seen people losing their bags. Whether it’s the airport or the train station, lost baggage can really ruin your trip. One of the best ways to make sure that you can keep a tag on your baggage is by putting an Apple AirTag on it. This way, whether your baggage got lost in transition or stolen, there is a much easier fix than running around in circles. This hack has become more common as of late, as baggage tends to end up in the wrong places, never making it to your hotel. The next time you book a trip for summer vacation, take that extra safety measure by using an Apple Airtag.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Do you have a long flight coming up? Are you worried about babies crying on the flight for 16 hours straight? Well, there is no way to control a crying baby, but you can always wear noise-cancelling headphones for the noise. This tip is also perfect for anyone who is booking a trip to the Maldives. We all love a good seaplane ride, whether it’s on TMA, Manta Air or Maldivian. But a lot of people struggle to enjoy the scenery due to the loud noise of the seaplane. Just put on your noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy the ride!

Powerbank / Portable Charger

If you’re planning a trip that requires a lot of sightseeing, don’t forget to pack a power bank or a portable charger. Although this travel tip comes in handy in general, it’s especially important on adventure trips. But it’s better to not take the risk for long-haul flights either. The last thing you want is to be stuck at an airport with a 1% charge or have your phone die while you’re still on the flight. Although a lot of us dismiss this one, a good power bank can save your trip. Its easier to carry a small portable charging device around than continue to charge your phone every single time at your hotel.

Adapter for International Trips

We all learn this travel tip the hard way – bringing an international adapter. Sometimes it’s hard to guess which type of adapter is used in the country we are travelling to. So rather than taking a guess, it’s always better to pack an international adapter so you can charge your devices from any corner of the world. Although you can opt to buy an adapter from the destination, it’s much easier to add in the small device into your travel bag than worrying about it during your trip.

Bagsmart Cable Organiser

This travel tip is especially important for digital nomads who are exploring different destinations. But if you’re a traveller who takes their laptops and other devices on trips, this one is for you as well. Just like how you would get a make-up bag, you can also get a bagsmart cable organiser. Not only will this ensure that you pack all your cables to and back from you trip, but it will also help keep things untagled and less messy!

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