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How Can I Choose the Best All-Inclusive Resort for My Trip?

If you’re planning your summer trip to the Maldives, make sure to book an all-inclusive resort. This does not just help for family trips, but all-inclusive is the perfect package for every type of traveller. Not only do most all-inclusive packages allow you to explore a variety of food outlets, but in some resorts you can all get unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Since there are so many good all-inclusive deals out there, here are some things to consider when booking your all-inclusive Maldives Resort stay!

01. Location & Accessibility

Most travellers prefer an all-inclusive resort that factors in the location as well as the accessibility. Whether you’re booking all-inclusive or not, location tends to be one of the most important factors for many travellers. Although some travellers prefer to take long seaplane rides, others prefer an easily accessible resort located near the city. If you’re looking for a nearby resort with amazing all-inclusive stays, the resort outlets at CROSSROADS Maldives are perfect. SAii Lagoon Maldives as well as Hard Rock Hotel Maldives allow you to explore a variety of dining options while being located just 15 minutes away from the city. But if you’re looking for all-inclusive resorts located a bit far away with a more private feel Lily Beach Resort & Spa is an amazing option. Located in South Ari Atoll, the resort offers some of the best prices for your Maldives Resort stay.

Another thing is accessibility when it comes to transportation. If you’re looking to experience the full Maldives Resort experience, you can book a resort further away. This way you can either access the resort by seaplane or domestic flight. However, if you’re looking for something nearby, make sure your transfer is a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes from the city!

02. Accomodation & Amenities

The perfect all-inclusive resort includes a wide range of accommodations that you can choose from. Just because it is all-inclusive does not mean you have to downgrade your villa type. In most Maldives resorts you can find a variety of villa options. Whether you’re looking for a beach view or an over-water option, some of these all-inclusive resorts will offer amazing rates. Resorts such as Furaveri Maldives, Kurumba Maldives, as well as SAii Lagoon Maldives, will have amazing all-inclusive offers for all villa types.

Additionally, you must also make sure that everything you want is included in the all-inclusive package. In some resorts, all-inclusive simply means you can try a few dining outlets. However, at resorts like Oaga Art Resort, the premium all-inclusive includes a variety of activities, experiences, drinks as well as food!

03. Dining Options & Cuisines

Food is an important part of your vacation. If your resort stay in Maldives does not serve you a variety of delicious foods, it can often ruin your trip. So, even when you book all-inclusive stays, one thing to make sure of is that there is a variety of food that is also delicious. In addition to Furaveri Maldives, another resort that serves absolutely mouth-watering food is Fushifaru Maldives!

Although amazing food in smaller resort islands takes many by surprise, these two islands are heaven for foodies and family travellers. Additionally, you should also make sure that the resort has the outlets serving the international cuisine that you prefer. While some resorts focus more on Mediterranean food, other resorts have such a vast variety that you can get any cuisine you want!

04. Activities and Entertainment

A good all-inclusive resort will include a variety of entertainment and experiences for guests to explore. There are a number of good resorts where you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment. We would surely suggest exploring one of the Sun Siyam Resorts for great all-inclusive deals with amazing entertainment as well. At these resorts, you can be sure to enjoy some of the most thrilling water sports activities as well as amazing excursions and cruises.

One thing to make sure of is to book a sunset cruise no matter which resort you book your stay at. Sun Siyam Resorts also recently unveiled floating breakfast experiences, which can make your stay even more worthwhile.

05. Service and Hospitality

It’s so important to check the reviews of other travellers before booking a resort. While luxury villas are always a dream, the service and hospitality can make or break the Maldives Resort stay, even if it’s an all-inclusive stay. It is extremely hard to say which resort you should prefer over the other when it comes to service and hospitality, as the Maldives is popular for its immaculate hospitality industry. Something to take note of is the small touches included in the stay. How is the resort’s welcome experience? Do they provide butler service for all-inclusive stays? Does the resort pay attention to small details, providing a personalised service? One of the best ways to explore these is through feedback, usually found in community groups for travellers!

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Here’s Why You Should Book a Trip to JOALI Maldives!

Just two months ago Georgina Rodríguez visited the Maldives to celebrate her 30th birthday. To celebrate this special occasion, she dropped by to JOALI Maldives, yet another favourite celebrity travel destination. During this visit, Georgina showed Instagram a little sneak-peek into her vacation with her family and kids she has with her long time partner Christiano Ronaldo.

Georgina, however, is not the first celebrity to fall in love with JOALI Maldives. So, here is a glimpse into what made Georgina and other travellers choose JOALI Maldives as their go-to Maldives resort.

Why Choose JOALI Maldives?

JOALI Maldives is the place that people go to in order to discover their joy and reason for living. This luxurious art-immersive island retreat focuses on sustainable glamour. Hidden away in Raa Atoll, this beautiful Maldives Resort can be reached by shared seaplane as well as private seaplane charter. The 40-minute picturesque seaplane ride takes you to a unique island that truly feels untouched.

Spacious Villas to Unwind and Relax

The resort which focuses highly on sustainability and keeping the environment untouched has three different initiatives around coral plantation and adoption. The villas are made to feel like a home away from home, which might be the reason for choosing JOALI Maldives. Guests have the chance to choose from 73 different villas in three categories. Whether you want beach villas, over-water villas or expansive residences, each category offers a spacious setting to enjoy. JOALI Maldives also offers a private butler or Jadugar to accommodate to your every need. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet breakfast in bed, plan a surprise proposal for your soulmate, or host a dazzling celebration, JOALI is the go-to place.

The Joyful Experiences

The island is filled with activities that will make your stay worthwhile. JOALI Maldives not only offers tennis, but travellers can also enjoy padel, the fitness centre, archery, football and marine & water sports. Travellers can also explore amazing Artscape’s, with one-of-a-kind installations and more. The art studio allows travellers to reignite their creativity with interactive projects and workshops.

Additionally, JOALI Maldives also offers immersive culinary experiences, perfectly curated for every traveller. With seven different dining & bar outlets, guests can explore everything from destination dining experiences to flavours of the Maldives, Japanese cuisine and so much more.

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