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President Decides to Designate ‘Maldives Victory’ Shipwreck and Kaashidhoo Wetland Area as Protected

president decides Kaashidhoo wetland area as protected
Maldives’ President decided to designate the ‘Maldives Victory’ shipwreck dive site and Kaafu Atoll Kaashidhoo wetland area as protected.

President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih decided to designate the ‘Maldives Victory’ shipwreck dive site and Kaafu Atoll Kaashidhoo wetland area as protected, upon the recommendation of cabinet.

Presenting a paper on the subject during the virtual cabinet session held yesterday, 9th February 2021, the Minister of Environment revealed that the Kaashidhoo wetland area has special environmental significance, being one of only three islands in the Maldives home to indigenous tortoise population.

Furthermore, the area has the most frequently reported sightings of tortoises from all three sites. The Kaashidhoo wetland area is declared protected with sustainable use for its abundant natural resources and natural habitat of diverse life-forms.

According to a press release by the president’s office, shedding light on the justification of protecting Maldives Victory shipwreck, located southwest of Velana International Airport, the environment Minister noted that the nutrient-rich channel currents transformed the sunken ship into a thriving coral reef; the cargo vessel sank in 1981. The wreck is the most famous and most frequently dived shipwreck in the Maldives.

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According to the President’s Office, with these new additions, under Article 4 of the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of Maldives (Act No: 4/93), a total of 71 sites in the Maldives have now been declared protected. Likewise, the Administration plans to designate at least one island, one reef and one mangrove in each atoll as a protected area.

Earlier in October 2020, UNESCO declared the Maldives’ southernmost atolls Addu and Fuvahmulah Biosphere Reserves. This declaration was made at 32nd session of the UNESCO International Coordinating Council. Likewise, UNESCO designates new biosphere reserves every year by the MAB programme’s governing body, the International Co-ordinating Council. Before this, Baa Atoll was the only Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives.

Feature image by the President’s Office

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Earth Week at Oaga Art Resort: Connect with the Beauty of Nature

Oaga Art Resort is getting ready to celebrate Earth Week with Nature's Embrace!

Oaga Art Resort is dedicating a week to connecting with the beauty and wonder of the planet! In celebration of Earth Week, the resort is curating a programme with meaningful experiences and deep appreciation for the Earth from March 21st to 27th, 2024.

Earth Week Specials at Oaga Art Resort

On March 21st, the resort will celebrate Poetry Day to unwind with Earth-inspired creativity. Start your day with a poetic breakfast, followed by a lunchtime fusion of traditional Maldivian Boduberu beats and poetry called ‘Farihi’. As the sun goes down, guests are invited to enjoy poetry reading and a captivating performance by local duo ‘Something Lovely’.

On March 22nd, guests can enjoy a Boduberu jam session at lunch. As the nighttime falls, witness the artistry of a sand artist as they create their magic on the Raa Baa deck.

On March 23rd, Connect with Nature in a mindful way. As part of the Earth Hour, a candlelit Earth meditation and Sound healing session will be hosted. Guests can also savour a delicious Earth-conscious buffet and enjoy unplugged music around a bonfire! Additionally, a special coral planting cocktail will take place at sunset. At this event, guests can also help plant 60+ coral frames in Oaga’s reef nursery. The project is carried out in partnership with Coralive, aiming to completely resort to the house reef by 2028.

Celebrate Holi with an Eco Twist on March 25th. Create stunning sand mandalas and participate in the traditional Full Moon ritual. Oaga Art Resort will also be hosting a glow-in-the-dark Holi Full moon party with minimal lighting!

Reflect and reminisce under the stars on March 26th. Cuddle up for a captivating movie night! The Grand Finale, with World Theatre Day will be hosted on March 27th. The resort will be hosting a puppet show in addition to live performances by the Sky Rock band. End the night with a special Earth-themed solo performance at the Kaa Kada dinner in celebration of World Theatre Day.

Earth Week and so Much More!

Guests are welcome to enjoy these activities and so much more at Oaga. The resort is all about fun, creative and new experiences. The Earth Week celebrations are weaved into the activities throughout Oaga Art Resort during this period. Oaga Art Resort is the perfect spot for an all-inclusive getaway. The Greatest All-inclusive plan redefines your resort experience!

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