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Riyadh Air: Expanding Connectivity in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia has made the exciting announcement, revealing its new national carrier Riyadh Air.

Riyadh Air is set to be fully owned by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, connecting travellers to 100 destinations around the world by 2030. According to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salaman, the second national carrier is set to increase connectivity in the Middle East. The new airline, Riyadh Air, is set to connect travellers to 250 destinations!

Saudi Arabia has been garnering the attention of travellers in recent years. In the future, the country is expecting to draw 100 million tourists annually by 2030. With this, Saudi Arabia will be delving into new territories. P previously, the country was mostly popular among Muslim pilgrimage travellers. Keeping with the travel trends for Saudi Arabia, the country is expecting to attract 30 million religious travellers per year by 2030 as well.

Riyadh Air is set to operate from the capital city, creating more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs. This additional national carrier is set to diversify the earnings away from oil and gas. The national air carrier is set to be chaired by PIF Government Yasir Al-Rumayyan. He will work alongside Tony Douglas, who was among the Top 100 CEOs in The Middle East 2022 on Forbes.

The colours of the brand have also been curated to represent Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the lavender blossoms, the colours of the brand symbolize the generosity of Saudi people. The elegant curves of Arabic calligraphy and the movement of birds’ wings are also integral pillars of Suadi culture. With this, Riyadh Air will serve as Saudi Arabia’s window to the world.

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Explore Abu Dhabi for Free With The Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Stopover Program!

Imagine exploring a new city during your layover without the stress of missing your next flight. If you’re a fan of Sex & the City and want to explore Abu Dhabi like Carrie Bradshow, this new announcement might be for you. You can now explore Abu Dhabi through the Etihad AirwaysAbu Dhabi Stopover‘ program. The best part about this new program? It allows passengers with a connecting flight through Abu Dhabi International Airport to enjoy a complimentary hotel stay in the city!

The Abu Dhabi Stopover Program

The next time you’re booking a roundtrip on an Etihad flight with a layover in Abu Dhabi, you can now have the option to get a stay in the city. With the Abu Dhabi Stopover program, you can now choose a free hotel to stay in during your ticket booking process.

Next time you book a ticket on the airline, make sure to book a roundtrip with a layover in Abu Dhabi’s Zayed International Airport. This program is available only for those customers, so this would be your golden ticket. Guests booking the Stopover program can select from premier hotels all across Abu Dhabi. Not only that but travellers can also book their stay for a one or two-night stay as well. The Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) announced this collaboration at the Arabian Travel Market 2024.

Etihad offers this deal only for direct bookings made at least three business days in advance. Next time you plan a trip on Etihad, make sure you book your tickets early. There are several beautiful destinations to explore in the city. Who knows, this just might be the chance of a lifetime for you to explore Abu Dhabi this year!

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