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The Best Airlines for Flights to the Maldives – Your Guide!

British Airways
It's officially time to start booking your summer trips. The earlier you start looking into your itinerary, the better deals you're going to find!

It might seem a bit soon to start planning your summer vacation, but in reality is it ever too soon? Booking flights, choosing your destination and looking for accommodation are time-consuming tasks. And if that trip is ever going to leave the group-chat, it’s about time to start looking into airlines that fly to the destination of your dreams. If you’re looking to finally book that trip to the Maldives, here are some of the best airlines that will connect you to the dreamy destination. Get your passports ready, find the best deals and get ready for a vacation to remember!

British Airways

Frequent fliers to the Maldives always recommend booking with British Airways. The airline currently serves around 13 domestic destinations and 196 international destinations in 76 countries. Luckily, The Maldives is one of those destination. Although British Airways was conducting one weekly flight for Winter of 2022, the airline had increased the schedule to fit three flights to the Maldives per week. As the airline has been flying to this dreamy destination since 2015, it is reliable, comfortable and ready to connect you to The Maldives!


The connection to The Maldives through Emirates started all the way back in the 90s. Emirates is one of those airlines that needs no introduction, connecting travellers to destinations all around the globe. Currently Emirates hosts around 28 flights between Dubai and The Maldives per week! This means, if your connection if to Dubai, you can book your flight to The Maldives through Emirates.

Batik Air

Batik Air commenced its brand new destination in 2023, offering direct flights to the Maldives. Through its Malaysia route, passengers of Batik Air can reach Maldives ins less than 5 hours on a budget! The airline provides economy as well as business class seating in addition to inflight catering. Since its announcement of the new route, Batik Air has become one of the budget-traveller favourites to connect to the Maldives.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is popular for its comfortable seating and its excellent service. The Doha-based airline has conducts direct flights to the Maldives, often increasing the connections for summer. With Qatar Airlines, travellers can easily connect to the Maldives from Doha in under 5 hours!

Etihad Airways

Etihad started flying to The Maldives back in 2011, offering travellers a more budget friendly trip to the tropical destination. This is the perfect airline for travellers looking to book lower cost tickets without giving up the comfort factor.

SriLankan Airlines

Srilankan Airlines was the first airline to touch down in the Hulhule’ Airport in the 1960s. Since then, SriLankan airlines has been connecting travellers to the beautiful destination for a budget friendly price. The airline is not only popular for its spacious seating, SriLankan airlines also offers an amazing inflight catering menu!

Air France

The French National Airline has been flying to the Maldives since 2017. On top of providing amazing direct routes to the country, the airline often operates more frequently for winter season. Whether you’re planning a budget trip or booking last minute tickets, you can find some pretty good deals to The Maldives on the website of the airline!

Turkish Airlines

Following a short halt, Turkish Airlines resumed its flights to the Maldives in 2022, offering travellers direct connections from Turkey. Offering weekly flights to The Maldives, Turkish Airlines connects two beautiful destinations for travellers. Whether you’re looking to fly from Turkey to The Maldives or explore both countries, Turkish Airlines is your go to.


AirAsia is yet another airline which is favoured by budget-travellers all around the world. The airline is known to have extremely good deals for tickets booked ahead of time. AirAsia connects passengers directly to the Maldives by hosting 18 flights every week!


If you’re looking flights connecting from India to The Maldives, IndGo airlines is your answer. Although there is a layover in Mumbai if you’re booking from Delhi, IndiGo is a traveller favourite when looking to connect between India and Maldives.


It might seem impossible but there is a budget airline connecting travellers from Dubai to the Maldives! Since it started flying direct routes to The Maldives, FlyDubai has become one of the more budget friendly airlines connecting travellers to the luxury destination. Since the airline started flying to The Maldives in 2013, FlyDubai has been hosting several flights weekly to its passengers.

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What Are Some Things You Must Pack For a Trip?

When booking the perfect trip, we all look into the perfect travel bag, travel visa and travel cards. But there is so much more to packing for a trip than the essentials. We might know the perfect clothes and the cheapest flights to book to a destination. But, some essentials could make or break a trip. Imagine you book a trip to the Maldives and you forget to bring your charging cable. Although it’s easy to drop by a shop to get a new charger, the stress is just not worth it. This is why so many people have made lists before their trip. Well, we’ve made our list of some extras that can amp up your next trip to any destination.

Apple AirTag

We’ve all seen people losing their bags. Whether it’s the airport or the train station, lost baggage can really ruin your trip. One of the best ways to make sure that you can keep a tag on your baggage is by putting an Apple AirTag on it. This way, whether your baggage got lost in transition or stolen, there is a much easier fix than running around in circles. This hack has become more common as of late, as baggage tends to end up in the wrong places, never making it to your hotel. The next time you book a trip for summer vacation, take that extra safety measure by using an Apple Airtag.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Do you have a long flight coming up? Are you worried about babies crying on the flight for 16 hours straight? Well, there is no way to control a crying baby, but you can always wear noise-cancelling headphones for the noise. This tip is also perfect for anyone who is booking a trip to the Maldives. We all love a good seaplane ride, whether it’s on TMA, Manta Air or Maldivian. But a lot of people struggle to enjoy the scenery due to the loud noise of the seaplane. Just put on your noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy the ride!

Powerbank / Portable Charger

If you’re planning a trip that requires a lot of sightseeing, don’t forget to pack a power bank or a portable charger. Although this travel tip comes in handy in general, it’s especially important on adventure trips. But it’s better to not take the risk for long-haul flights either. The last thing you want is to be stuck at an airport with a 1% charge or have your phone die while you’re still on the flight. Although a lot of us dismiss this one, a good power bank can save your trip. Its easier to carry a small portable charging device around than continue to charge your phone every single time at your hotel.

Adapter for International Trips

We all learn this travel tip the hard way – bringing an international adapter. Sometimes it’s hard to guess which type of adapter is used in the country we are travelling to. So rather than taking a guess, it’s always better to pack an international adapter so you can charge your devices from any corner of the world. Although you can opt to buy an adapter from the destination, it’s much easier to add in the small device into your travel bag than worrying about it during your trip.

Bagsmart Cable Organiser

This travel tip is especially important for digital nomads who are exploring different destinations. But if you’re a traveller who takes their laptops and other devices on trips, this one is for you as well. Just like how you would get a make-up bag, you can also get a bagsmart cable organiser. Not only will this ensure that you pack all your cables to and back from you trip, but it will also help keep things untagled and less messy!

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