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05 Amazing Local Airlines to Travel in Maldives!

Thinking of taking a trip to the Maldives? One thing you should look into when planning your trip is the cheapest and easiest way to travel between different islands. There are several budget-friendly and cheap domestic Maldives flights, that will make your trip easier!

01. Villa Air

Villa Air, an airline which is operated under Villa Group is a great option to connect to the beautiful islands and resorts in the Maldives. Villa Air currently flies to three main airports including Villa International Airport in Maamigili, Dharavandhoo Airport and Velana International Airport.

Recently Villa Air also updated their livery to showcase the stunning lagoons, majestic whale sharks, blues of the Maldivian ocean, greens of the beautiful palm trees as well as white to represent the white sandy beaches to capture the true Maldivian essence.

02. Trans Maldivian Airways

Trans Maldivian, also known as TMA is the world’s largest seaplane operator, connecting travellers to beautiful resorts in the Maldives. Starting as Hummingbird Island Helicopters, Trans Maldivian has since then grown rapidly, becoming one of the first choices for travellers looking to get a unique experience in their resorts. 

For many, seaplanes are included in the bucket list for things to do in Maldives, and TMA fulfils these wishes by taking the scenic route to the next destination for travellers.

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03. Maldivian Airlines

If your Maldives itinerary includes several local islands to explore, Maldivian Airlines will connect you to different islands as well as India and Bangladesh. Offering both seaplane and wheelbase flights, Maldivian is the national carrier offering daily flights to 16 different airports within the country. 

Maldivian also had a recent update in their livery, showcasing dolphins to showcase the marine life and hues of blue to represent the blue sky and the ocean at different depths.

04. BeOnd

BeOnd Airlines, which started operating in 2023 is ready to take travellers to Maldives in style and luxury. This all-premium class aircraft provides travellers with lie-flat seats, private chauffeuring, and airport lounge access as well as an elegant dining experience on your trip to the Maldives.

Currently, BeOnd connects travellers to the Maldives from Dubai, Milan, Munich, Riyadh and Zurich, and the airline is ready to provide the perfect 2024 summer escape with updated flight schedules!

05. Manta Air

Manta Air is another domestic airline that provides both seaplanes and wheelbase flights, connecting travellers to local islands as well as resorts in the Maldives. Soaring to new heights, Manta Air has also started providing flights to India in 2024, providing direct flights from Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport to the Maldives’ Dhaalu Airport. 

The airline connects travellers to more than thirty hotel destinations across six regional Atolls and three key airports in the Maldives. 

While these are some of the top 05 airlines in the Maldives, that will connect you to your dream vacation, travellers also choose to fly with Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Fly Dubai and Emirates to get the easiest connection from different countries.

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Maldivian Set to Acquire Two New ATR 42-600 Aircraft

Maldivian Airlines just made an exciting announcement following the Airshow, which was hosted in Singapore.

Maldivian, the national airline of the Maldives just made an exciting announcement at the Singapore Airshow. The company announced that it has placed an order for 2 brand new ATR 42-600 aircraft at the Airshow. The new craft is expected to be delivered by the end of the year. With this new addition, the ATR fleet of Maldivian will reach a total of 7 aircraft by 2025.

In 2023 alone, the airline obtained two ATR aircraft to the fleet. In January 2023, Maldivian obtained an ATR72 craft, which has the capacity for 70 economy class seats. Additionally, in April 2023, Maldivian also obtained an ATR42 which seats 46 economy class passengers.

As the airline reaches a total of 7 aircraft by 2025, passengers can look forward to enhanced services in the future! Currently, in addition to international flights to India and Bangladesh, passengers can also explore 17 domestic destinations in the Maldives.

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