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Celebrating Women Power at Trans Maldivian Airways

Women at Trans Maldivian Airways
For International Women’s Day, we want to put the spotlight on the inspiring women among the diverse team at Trans Maldivian Airways.

For International Women’s Day, we want to put the spotlight on the inspiring women among the diverse team at Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA).

In addition to being the world’s largest seaplane operator, TMA takes pride in providing equal opportunities for women. At TMA, women play a key role in ensuring that the airline continues to deliver superior service while strengthening its footprint in Maldives.

These women are responsible for making the journey of every traveller fulfilling and oversee many aspects behind the operations at the world’s largest seaplane operator.

Here we briefly introduce you to five women who work in different departments (from Ground Operations to HR to Business Development) at Trans Maldivian Airways:

Brittany Stembridge, Flight Operations

From a young age, Brittany was fascinated by anything with an engine. Alongside her 3 siblings, she had a motorbike growing up and went on different adventures. Britanny said that people will judge you but when you want something you should always go for it. She emphasized nothing should stop the drive of any women with a passion. Fascinated by water and adventurous activities, it was a dream come true for Brittany to be a seaplane pilot. “My two sisters and mother are the people who support me the most and drive me to continue my dream. Patty Wagstaff is pretty cool too!” Brittany Stembridge said.

Wathsala Jinadari, Human Resources

When Wathsala was doing her degree, she got an internship at a bank. This was the place that piqued her interest in the HR field. TMA was Wathsala’s first hands-on experience. Likewise, she noted that working at TMA gave her more experience and knowing things first-hand. Wathsala Jinadari believes women should not limit themselves to specific types of jobs. ‘The sky is the limit as long as you try’ she said. Speaking about her inspirations, Wathsala looks up to her mother and aspires to become a person like her.

Fathimath Leena, Engineering

Women Trans Maldivian Airways

Leena made her decision to work in engineering when she was doing her A’ levels. She always aspired to be at a job in which she is as active as possible. After many hurdles and challenges, Leena started working at TMA in 2018. According to Leena, it takes time to settle into any job. But, once you get used to it, you realize how fulfilling and fun it can be.

Leena takes inspiration from her mother and sister. She said her mother has been a role model as she proved no job is too ‘manly’ to do. “I never thought to myself that I can’t do something because I was a girl,” Leena said. For youngsters, Leena says to go for it. She highlighted for any challenge, people will try to stop and tell you reasons you should not do it. But, Leena said that should not stop you (any women) as it did not stop her from pursuing a career in engineering when many judged the field is only for men.

Almasa Ali, Ground Operations

Women Trans Maldivian Airways

Almasa took up customer service because she loved helping people. She said the biggest characteristic one must-have for any job is being confident in themselves and to take initiative. Almasa emphasized working at Trans Maldivian Airways has been fulfilling, thanks to equal opportunities.

Aishath Alaa Abdul Hannan, Business Development

Women Trans Maldivian Airways

Starting from Reservations, Alaa explored aviation in both technical and non-technical areas of operation. She started her journey in aviation more than 8 years ago as a Reservation Assistant. “I think when people think about aviation, they mostly think about the technical jobs. I would like people to know that there are more areas which does not require technical skills but could be equally amazing for aviation-lovers”.

Alaa also said that her all-time advice is to have ‘perseverance’. She further noted that her mother will always be her biggest inspiration in both career and in life as she is an extension of her mother. She also takes inspiration from everyone around her and nothing makes Alaa happier than seeing girls hustling to achieve their goals.

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Healing Practitioner Yuki Nishikubo Returns to Patina Maldives

Patina Maldives announces the return of esteemed wellness practitioner Yuki Nishikubo. Yuki Nishikubo, a practitioner celebrated for her expertise in Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and other holistic healing modalities, is returning. In 2023, Yuki Nishikubo had a successful residency at Patina Maldives. With this, she is set to return to Patina Maldives, bringing her extensive experiences and dedication to holistic wellness.

Originating from Tokyo, Japan, Yuki Nishikubo has dedicated the last 25 years to redefining her healing craft. Over the years she has practised across multiple continents, including Canada, Australia, and the UK. Yuki Nishikubo has a profound passion for wellness and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of guests. Over the years she has also mastered the ancient arts of Acupuncture and Shiatsu. These time-honoured practices induce deep relaxation. Not only does it alleviate stress, it also improves circulation, and boosts energy levels.

Guests can enjoy an array of Yuki’s signature therapeutic treatments from May 15th to June 15th, 2024. Her treatments are tailored to address diverse health concerns. This includes pain management, stress relief, digestive issues, weight loss, insomnia, and more. Guests will also have the opportunity to indulge in specialised massages. This includes Remedial Dry Massage, as well as pre-natal massages. Guests can also enjoy a combined session of Shiatsu Remedial Massage and Acupuncture. These treatments will not only foster physical wellness but also mental clarity.

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