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Shot on Iphone 'THE REEF' Explained By Director Sven Dreesbach

Shot on Iphone - 'THE REEF' Explained by Director Sven Dreebach in Maldives for Shot on Iphone Campaign
Sven Dreesbach, The Director of ‘The Reef’ Shot On IPhone, shares a little bit of the Maldives experience with the MVHOTELS.Travel.

Sven Dreesbach, The Director of ‘The Reef’ Shot On Iphone, shares a little bit of the Maldives experience with the MVHOTELS.Travel. He is also one of the editors & cinematographers of the Apple commissioned movie shot in the Maldives.

THE REEF was created by the devoted team of crews along with Maldives Whale Shark Research Program. MWSRP has been recording whale shark encounters in the South Ari Atoll region for over 10 years and part of their research is Whale Sharks. As an organisation MWSRP’s objective is to promote community-focused conservation initiatives and help the motives and raise money for the planned activities while encouraging and educating others.

1- What was your Maldives experience like? Was it your first time?

It was my first time. I met wonderful people and had a great time, particularly as I was on an exciting mission joining the research team.

2- How much of an advantage would it be to the destination Maldives, to be featured on the Apple’s #ShotoniPhone campaign?

I guess Apple’s reach is great for anyone being featured, Shot On Iphone, particularly for the Maldives as a potential travel destination for tourists. I am sure people will be interested finding out more about whale sharks and marine wildlife in the Maldives, thanks to Apple.

My name is Sven Dreesbach, film maker from Germany residing in Los Angeles, California. My work has taken me to places. I grew up traveling a lot with my family, so I am an explorer of new things for the most part.

Sven Dreesbach

3- How was Maldives chosen as a destination for this Apple commissioned video?

Apple chose to portrait the MWSRP due to their work in iOS app development.

Shot On Iphone

4- Maldives is as we know an amazing destination to create contents? Any specific projects or ideas which you would love to contribute for video production?

The South Ari atoll of the Maldives, which i had the pleasure of traveling to, was definitely one of the most unique destinations I ever experienced. Being so remote from the next city, most of the life here happens around the reefs.

Not necessarily above, but rather under water it is where a plethora of wild life welcomes their visitors.

The island culture, traditions and history of the Maldive people would be an interesting subject to explore sometime as well as the local surf scene, being a surfer myself. Still bummed I didn’t have time to check out the northern atolls, that have a rich surf scene I hear.

Creative eye of Director Sven Dreesbach and Carglos Vargus, the team used Beastgrip Pro incorproated with the Pro Series 3X Tele Conversation Lens and 0.75X Wide Angle Lens as well as the DOF MK2 Adapter. AxisGo Water Housing were used in underwater Shots. Both the native capaera app and FILMiC Pro were used to shoot the whole project.

This was not the first #shotoniphone project by Sven.

The article was originally published in FIYA Magazine, Issue 10, Published by MVHOTELS.

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THE OZEN COLLECTION Promotes Rushdhaan Ahmed as the Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications

THE OZEN COLLECTION announce the promotion of Rushdhaan Ahmed as the Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications.

Rushdaan’s Career with THE OZEN COLLECTION

Rushdhaan started his journey in marketing in 2019 as a Graphic Designer and marketing coordinator. Since then, Rushdhaan swiftly climbed the ranks, demonstrating exceptional talent and dedication.

Throughout his career, Rushdhaan has demonstrated an unwavering passion for creativity and strategic thinking. These are qualities that have continuously yielded remarkable results for the company. Rushdan led the team that launched THE OZEN COLLECTION brand in 2020. During this time Rushdhaan played a pivotal role in building the brand’s identity. He ensured brand consistency at the resorts and contributed to a successful launch in the Maldives. Notably, he spearheaded several brand photo and video shoots, crafting captivating visual content that epitomised the essence of luxury at two iconic resorts under the brand – OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI and OZEN LIFE MAADHOO.

Taking on a New Role as Assistant Director of Marketing & Comms!

In his new capacity as Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, Rushdhaan Ahmed will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the brand narrative, enhancing its global presence, and driving innovative marketing strategies. His priorities include elevating THE OZEN COLLECTION’s brand identity, constantly modernising, and improving visual aesthetics. On the communications front, he aims to capture a sufficient share of voice globally and in key regions, including the UK, Russia, GCC, DACH, and India. He plans to utilise innovative storytelling to capture the interest of discerning travellers to visit the resorts.

Rushdhaan has been a part of THE OZEN COLLECTION since the beginning of the brand journey. This deep knowledge of brand ethos, along with creative vision and strategic acumen, make him the ideal candidate to lead marketing and communications. We are confident that he will contribute to the team significantly, as we continu to redefine global luxury hospitality experiences, and take the brand to new destinations like India and beyond says Stéphane Laguette – Chief Commercial Officer at Atmosphere Core.

Rushdhaan Ahmed’s appointment underscores THE OZEN COLLECTION’s dedication to excellence and empowering local talent in the ever-evolving luxury hospitality landscape of the Maldives.

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