Island hosts (butlers) ensure holidaymakers receive top-notch quality service when they visit the Maldives. At You & Me Maldives, the island hosts ensure you experience a holiday full of satisfaction from the moment you arrive at the resort.

Ahmed Manthooh ‘Monday’ is the Head Butler of You & Me Maldives. As a perfectionist in what he does, Monday’s life is an inspiration to everyone in the hospitality industry. Manthooh became a butler to interact with and meet new people. “I would like to meet someone from every nationality,” he said.

In his role at You & Me Maldives, Manthooh considers his everyday work a true blessing. Proud of his nationality and country, Ahmed Manthooh says the Maldives is a true paradise for both living and working. Moreover, as an island host at You & Me Maldives, he believes he gets to enjoy the best of it. “This is a place that pays me to do what I enjoy; how much better can it get?”.

Of course, being an island host isn’t an easy job. According to Manthooh, communication is the key to becoming a great butler. And he utilizes this skill to ensure that he can deliver and meet the satisfaction of his guests as much as possible. The ability to read guests and know what they want is the most important thing to Manthooh.

Hosts at You & Me Maldives always go the extra mile. Manthooh and his team look after the guest from the moment they arrive in You & Me Maldives. Hence, with the knowledgeable team, Manthooh ensures they can help guests even with the little things and exceed their expectations.

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For newcomers to the field, the head butler of You & Me Maldives emphasized the importance of training the mind. “I think there’s a misconception that doing physical work is the hardest part of being a butler. But the truth is you need to be much stronger mentally because we train our minds to remember every detail the guests tell us” he said.

Manthooh says hosts (or butlers) enjoy the best lifestyle in a resort. But you should be prepared to adapt to the environment. It’s not rocket science either. Ahmed Manthooh believes even you or anyone can climb the ladder with motivation and the right attitude.