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Eastern & Oriental Express: Luxury Journey from Singapore to Malaysia

Reaching your destination by train and scenic views? Sign us up!

Have you ever watched the Darjeeling Limited or Before Sunrise and wondered what taking such a scenic journey feels like? Lately, people have been discovering the adventure of taking sleeper trains to discover Asia. For many, the vision of taking trains starts with a cinematic movie scene. Whether you watched an anime or a romantic movie, that scene where the actor is sitting by the window of the train makes you romanticise life a bit more. What if we told you that you could have your dreams come true and get scenic views on your next trip from Malaysia to Singapore on a luxury sleeper train?

Eastern & Oriental Express is a luxury sleeper train that takes you on a journey of a lifetime. The services were first launched in 1993. However, after a four-year-long hiatus, the iconic train is back in service! As the train left Woodlands Station on February 11, 2024, travellers were opened up to a scenic journey of a lifetime.

Exploring Journeys through Malaysia & Singapore

Eastern & Oriental Express takes sleeper trains to the next level. In addition to having 5 dark green carriages, the train also offers elevated onboard experiences and a Michelin-starred culinary curator chef. Your journey from KL to Singapore is filled with culture, food, natural wonders and more.

In addition to the culinary and cultural journey, travellers on the train from Singapore to Malaysia also get to explore exciting destinations. The train offers adventurers the opportunity to explore the beautiful coastal towns of Malaysia such as Penang and Langwaki. Although Malaysia is seen as a country where people go to explore city life, Penang and Langwaki are like the Maldives of Malaysia. These beachy destinations bring nature, food and exploration into one destination.

The pitstop completely depends on the type of journey you want to create. Whether it is exploring the beaches in Langkawi or hiking old villages in Penang, the Eastern & Oriental Express offers endless opportunities for travellers.

Rooms & Packages Offered on the Sleeper Train

Travellers can choose from four different categories for their accommodation on this sleeper train. No matter the category, all suites are fully airconditioned with an en-suite shower and a toilet!

  • The Pullman Cabin – The train offers 10 Pullman Cabins which measure up to 62 square feet. The compartment can be transformed into a private lounge during the daytime. At night, the seating converts into an upper and lower bed. There are two types in the Pullman Cabin Category, The Pullman single & the Pullman.
  • The State Cabin – The train offers 24 State Cabins measuring 84 square feet each. The space is converted into a private lounge during the daytime and two single beds at night.
  • The Presidential Suite – There are only 2 Presidential Suites, each measuring 125 square feet. This suite option is perfect for ultimate luxury and comfort. The space, which is a private lounge during the day, converts into two single beds at night. In addition to the amenities provided in other suites, travellers in this suite enjoy a complimentary bar.

The journey includes a three-night stay with a daily 4-course dinner, breakfast in bed, 3-course lunch, afternoon tea, and free-flowing drinks. In addition to visits to George Town and Penang, the service also offers 24-hour steward assistance.

Dining Options

From sipping on signature cocktails to enjoying delectable dinners, the Eastern & Oriental Express leaves no stone unturned. There are three different options for dining & bars, which include:

  • The Dining Cars – Enjoy Eastern and European cuisine at the Dining Cars. Travellers on the train can enjoy lunch and dinner at the restaurant which seats 2 or 4 people at a table. The dining area is decorated with rosewood and lm panelling, bringing out the vintage, luxury style of the train.
  • The Bar Car – This is your go-to bar on the train. The Bar Car serves cocktails, aperitifs and more. Travellers can enjoy music from the residential pianists or even local entertainment here.
  • The Observation Car – This is the perfect spot for enjoying the beautiful scenery. With an open observation deck, the Observation Car is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or evening tea.

The booking dates for the Eastern & Oriental Express are now open. If you’re looking for a journey from February to December, this might be your chance. Take your scenic train from Singapore to Malaysia for a journey of a lifetime!

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Here’s Why You Should Book a Trip to JOALI Maldives!

Just two months ago Georgina Rodríguez visited the Maldives to celebrate her 30th birthday. To celebrate this special occasion, she dropped by to JOALI Maldives, yet another favourite celebrity travel destination. During this visit, Georgina showed Instagram a little sneak-peek into her vacation with her family and kids she has with her long time partner Christiano Ronaldo.

Georgina, however, is not the first celebrity to fall in love with JOALI Maldives. So, here is a glimpse into what made Georgina and other travellers choose JOALI Maldives as their go-to Maldives resort.

Why Choose JOALI Maldives?

JOALI Maldives is the place that people go to in order to discover their joy and reason for living. This luxurious art-immersive island retreat focuses on sustainable glamour. Hidden away in Raa Atoll, this beautiful Maldives Resort can be reached by shared seaplane as well as private seaplane charter. The 40-minute picturesque seaplane ride takes you to a unique island that truly feels untouched.

Spacious Villas to Unwind and Relax

The resort which focuses highly on sustainability and keeping the environment untouched has three different initiatives around coral plantation and adoption. The villas are made to feel like a home away from home, which might be the reason for choosing JOALI Maldives. Guests have the chance to choose from 73 different villas in three categories. Whether you want beach villas, over-water villas or expansive residences, each category offers a spacious setting to enjoy. JOALI Maldives also offers a private butler or Jadugar to accommodate to your every need. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet breakfast in bed, plan a surprise proposal for your soulmate, or host a dazzling celebration, JOALI is the go-to place.

The Joyful Experiences

The island is filled with activities that will make your stay worthwhile. JOALI Maldives not only offers tennis, but travellers can also enjoy padel, the fitness centre, archery, football and marine & water sports. Travellers can also explore amazing Artscape’s, with one-of-a-kind installations and more. The art studio allows travellers to reignite their creativity with interactive projects and workshops.

Additionally, JOALI Maldives also offers immersive culinary experiences, perfectly curated for every traveller. With seven different dining & bar outlets, guests can explore everything from destination dining experiences to flavours of the Maldives, Japanese cuisine and so much more.

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