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What Makes the Maldives a COVID-19 Safe Holiday Destination?

COVID-19 Safe Destination
Find out what makes the island nation over 180,000 people already visited a COVID-19 safe holiday destination.

Worried you won’t be able to find a COVID-19 safe holiday destination in 2021? Tourists from all around the globe are visiting the tropical islands in the Indian Ocean—the Maldives. This island nation has already witnessed over 180,000 tourist arrivals in 2021.

While tourist destinations all over the world refused to reopen their borders, Maldives decided to open up its doors to let holidaymakers relax, create memories and reconnect to themselves. You’ve probably heard about the countless celebrities making headlines for visiting the island archipelago and thought its absurd. So, what makes the Maldives a COVID-19 safe holiday destination?

Natural Social Distancing

Maldives has a geographical advantage over other destinations with its unique islands. Each resort in the country nestles on its very own private island. This is usually referred to as the ‘one-island-one-resort’ concept.

So, as each resort is located on its very own private island, social distancing just comes naturally for holidaymakers. If privacy is what you’re looking for, the secluded resorts in this tropical holiday destination will not disappoint!

Enhanced hygiene and Safety Measures

The economy of the Maldives heavily relies on the tourism industry. Hence, the government of the Maldives took every step to ensure guests will have a safe experience when they visit the Maldives. Resorts in the country have also heightened their hygiene and safety measures.

On the other hand, employees in the tourism industry have started receiving the vaccination for COVID-19. Several resorts have already begun the process of vaccinating their staffs.

Less Than 0.20% of Tourists Tested Positive for COVID-19

According to the statistics, only 0.18% of tourists that visited the Maldives tested positive for COVID-19 from 1st January to 25th February 2021. Moreover, COVID-19 cases within tourists haven’t surpassed 0.40% in any months after the Maldives reopened its borders.

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The Maldives is also recognized by the World Travel and Tourism Council for the country’s enhanced health and safety measures. And in 2020, the island nation also won the title of ‘World’s Leading Destination’ by the World Travel Awards. So, if you’re ready to travel, pack your bags to visit this COVID-19 safe destination.

Feature image by Velaa Private Island

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Celebrate Easter at Bandos Maldives: Fun for All Ages!

Bandos Maldives announces its Easter Eggstravaganza.

Are you ready for an exciting Easter at Bandos Maldives on March 30th? This Easter, Bandos Maldives is set to bring unforgettable experiences for guests of all ages. The resort will feature an array of exciting activities to bring joy to the holiday festivities!

Eggstaravagant Activities at Bandos this Easter

Step into Kokko Club Playground for a world of fun at the Mini Carnival. Enjoy to your heart’s content and test your luck and skill at the Blackout Bingo Bonanza. Dab your way to your victory, and test out just how good your skills are!

Additionally, Bandos Maldives also brings a little something for those with a creative spirit. The Easter Art painting sessions are the perfect way for artists to paint their way into the spring season. For adventure seekers, Bandos is bringing a thrilling Bunny Trail Adventure. Join the epic Bunny Hint challenge and locate all the hidden bunnies lurking around the Kokko club.

These extraordinary experiences are perfect for families looking for an exciting Easter at Bandos. Not only is the resort the perfect place to make memories to last a lifetime, but Bandos is also easily accessible to guests who have not made Easter plans yet. Located just a few minutes away from the Airport, Bandos provides the perfect island hospitality to its guests. Pack your bags, get Easter ready and hop on to an adventure at Kokko Club!

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